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"Get your fat-ass up! Dad said you're gonna be late for school." Angela's annoying voice rang through my ears. I didn't really need an alarm clock since I had a bitchy little sister to make up for it.

"Shut the fuck up." I countered. I wasn't going to let her win this battle. Not this time at least. Angela made a face and stormed out the room, probably to tell Dad. I didn't need to be bothered this morning. I'm gonna be a freshman at Einstein High School. Finally.

Breakfast was on the table when I came from the bathroom. Dad looked over at me sternly.

"Shut the fuck up, eh? I didn't know that you used words like that around your twelve- year old sister." was his first words of the day to me. A silent groan got stuck in my throat. I knew she went to tell him! This time I didn't have any excuses prepared. Dad always said that fat- ass wasn't a curse. An ass was just a donkey. Nothing more and nothing less.

"Yeah well about that…" I started. Dad motioned for me to continue but I didn't have anything.

My morning started off crappy as I got on the bus to go to school. When I finally got there, I spotted a tall boy with Carmel skin, jet black braids and hazel eyes. Five girls were talking to him. I was kind of far away but I could make out some of their conversation. "Hey, she said she wants to go out with you!" Oh dear god. That was Carmello White. He was a professional pick up artist and all the girls loved him. Lucky for me he was my best friend. See the reaction he gets? And we're not even inside of the building yet!

"Uh, well I'm going out with someone but I'll tell you when y'all can holla at me." Carmello spread the apparently awesome news to the eager fan girls. Five down, four hundred to go. "'Sup Evan," he said when he saw me. We did that complicated handshake and went inside the building. Einstein High School looked just like every other school, which was pretty sad. There were a moderate amount of cute girls though. Carmello would whistle whenever we'd pass by one and they'd usually smile in return.

I didn't have my first class with Carmello, so I turned the other way and was about to go to class when I bumped into someone. I was about to apologize when I saw who it was.

"You." I said. He mirrored his reply to mine's and smirked instead of frowning.

"Yeah, it's me." He said.

"What do you want, son?" I asked him, impatient.

"Just going to class," he replied, brushing past me harshly. That was Vince Irons. He was so annoying but I hadn't seen him for three clean years. I wanted to make sure to avoid that punk this year. He's not a punk since he's way taller then me, like six feet tall but still…

English was boring. The teacher just droned on and assigned us some pages to read from some book no one cares about. Next class was with Carmello; it was Math. I hated Math but I was good at it. When I came to it Carmello was sitting next to some pretty hot Asian chick. "Who's that, yo?" I asked him, looking at her and smiling. If she heard me, she was trying hard to show any reaction.

I took a seat on the other side. "Oh, this is Mai. Mai, this is Evan." Mai glanced at me like I was a lab experiment and then looked away, uninterested. "Ohhhhh," Carmello said lowly so she couldn't hear. I shot him the classical death glare and Carmello looked on. Lunch finally came and I saw with Carmello. As if six girls wasn't enough in a day, there he was, chilling with two, er, fabulous looking girls and Vince. Wait a minute, Vince? What's he doing here?

"'Sup people," I had the courage to say. Not that I didn't normally have that shit inside of me. Most people wouldn't talk to some people they didn't know, though. Right?

Everyone said their greetings at different times save for Vince. I sat down in silence. Carmello told me on the lunch line that those two girls at our table were Carmen and Luz. "Think I could get one, yo?" he asked me, glancing over at them as they started talking.

"I guess," I offered.

"What do you mean you guess? Of course I could, if I wanted to. I just wanted to see if you would say the right answer." he started smirking. "But you didn't. You were wrong." I hit Carmello and he chuckled.

Later that day, I saw Angela on the bus. She narrowed her eyes which was her usual poker face as I sat down. I notice a tall boy had his arm around her. "What the fuck! Who is this?" I asked her. Angela looked mildly surprised at my outburst.
"Oh this is my boyfriend." Angela prefaced for him. The boy didn't really look like much. It was a wonder how he ended up with my sister. He was just skinny and tall with squinty eyes.

"'Sup, son." The boy said to me. My anger flashed before my eyes. He called me his son? And I'm older then him? It didn't seem like a big deal a lot later but what I did next was mostly since my sister was only twelve and she was trying to go out with some worthless boy. What did I do next?

I threw him out of the bus window. He was so thin; he fell right through and onto the street. Angela yelled at me and asked me what was I doing but I ignored her. I didn't want her dating. I guess you could say I was overprotective. I'm some brother, right?

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