Part Four: A Day at the Mall

On Thursday, afternoon classes ended a little early because their Math teacher Ms. Wendy Shawley had an emergency and had to leave school early. Cree was grateful for the break and made her way up to her room. The day had been tiring for her, and all she wanted to do was take an afternoon nap before dinner, but as soon as she closed her eyes a knock came to her door.

"Hey, Cree, open up," Millie's voice came bounding through the door. She was pounding so hard the whole room was shaking. "Come on, Cree, you're not getting out of this."

"Go away," Cree whined. "I'm tired." At that moment Cree heard a blast from the door, which made her screech. A short scream bolted out of her as looked up and saw Millie and Jenny coming into her room. There was a large burn mark where her door handle used to be. "Millie, what did you do that for?" she asked, sitting up in bed.

"Hey," Millie said, coming over to her bed and throwing the covers on the floor and plopping down on her bed next to her. "You wouldn't answer the door."

"Yea, because I was sleeping," she said, pushing Millie off her bed.

"Yea, what was that for?" Millie asked, picking herself up off the floor.

"That's for waking me up," Cree said, reaching for her blanket. "Now, go away and leave me alone."

"Sorry, Cree," Jenny said. "I never would have let her up here if I knew you were sleeping."

"Not your fault, Jenny," Cree said, getting up out of bed. "So, Millie, why did you have to blast my door." She looked at the damaged and saw that the whole thing was going to need replacing.

Millie walked up behind her. "Maybe next time that will teach you to answer it."

Cree said nothing, knowing there was no winning this argument with Millie. The girl hated to be ignored. This was the second time this month Millie had done this. She had done far worse to the household appliances and electronic equipment. It was a rule that Millie was not allowed to touch anything electrical at the school. Whether she damaged something deliberately or by accident, Cree couldn't say, but she wouldn't put it past Millie to do something like that just to get revenge on someone. She done it before with her own power, like heating up Denny's soda can when he said something nasty about her and have it explode in his hand.

"So, come on, Cree," Millie said. "We gotta get going before all the stores close."

"I'm too tired for shopping," Cree said, collapsing on the bed.

"Cree, this is Thursday," Millie said.

"So, it's Thursday," Cree said, clutching her pillow. "What's the big deal?"

"Hello," Millie shouted. "Tomorrow's Friday." Cree looked unimpressed.

"You're date with Reese. We have to find you a dress and fast."

Cree looked intensely at Millie. "You not taking no for an answer, are you?"

Jenny shook her head. "I don't think so, Cree," she said. "You know, Millie.

When she has her mind set on something, nothing can change it."

"Okay," Cree relented. "Let me change and run a comb through my hair."

Cree made her way to the bathroom after grabbing a change of clothes. She looked back at her door and shook her head. Millie looked at her and grinned.

"Well…" Millie said, holding out the word as long as she could.

"You're explaining the door," Cree and walking into the bathroom.

"Whatever," Millie shouted as Cree slammed the door.

"Wow," Jenny said. "You really pissed her off." She sat down in Cree's computer chair.

"She'll get over it," Millie said, slam dunking himself on Cree bed.

"Watch it, Millie, before you break that too." Millie just giggled while curling up with Cree's pillow.

Meanwhile Cree was in the bathroom. She was steamed at Millie, yes, but not enough to be too angry with her. She had to remember that Millie was Millie. She slipped out of her clothes and tossed them in the wicker hamper that sat next to the sink. She grabbed the pair of Jeans she had hanging on the wooden towel rack. She hurried put them on and slipped on her Dracula T-shirt. She knew Millie hated that one. That was her soul reason for choosing it.

She picked up her brush. She tried brush through her hair as best she could, but it was a mess of tangles. She decided to put her hair up in a braid, that way it would at least be out of her face. She thought about cutting it, but she figured it would look hideous short. If only she had straight hair like Jenny. She could just comb through it and go.

After she was done she stepped back and looked at herself in the full-length mirror that was hanging on the door. "Well," she said. "It'll have to do."

She walked out of the bathroom to Millie lying on her bed. She picked up one of her embroidered throw pillows and threw it at her.

"Hey," Millie shouted, bolting up.

"I thought we were going shopping," Cree said, walking over to her wrecked door.

Millie got up from the bed and Jenny followed. "Well, that's the spirit," Millie said, approaching Cree. She put an arm around her shoulder. "Let's go."

Cree had a feeling she was going to regret this. The three girls made their way down the long hallway until they reached the stairway. That's when they ran into Dora.

"Hi Dora," Cree said, halting to a stop. Millie gave her an annoyed look.

"Where are you heading off too?" Dora asked. She flashed a look over at Millie. Millie returned it with a scowl.

"The mall, we're going shopping. Do you wanna come?" Millie groaned which brought a smile to Dora's face. "Come on, it'll be fun."

"Like she even knows what fun is," Millie whispered to Jenny.

"Well, alright," Dora said. "As long as I'm not intruding."

"No way," Cree said. "Right girls?"

"No," Jenny said, shaking her head back and forth. She looked at Millie to see she was less than thrilled. Cree looked Millie's way noticing the same thing.

"Millie?" Cree said, coaxing her friend out of her pouting.

"Yeah, okay," Millie said. Then tugging on Jenny's arm. "Let's go already. We've wasted enough time."

Cree laughed and said, "Come on, Dora. Millie takes shopping very seriously." Dora didn't see the humor, but she rarely did. The four girls made their way to the parking garage where Cree took out her keys to unlock the car. "Okay, everybody in," Cree said.

"Hey," Millie said, snatching the keys from her. "I'm driving."

"I don't think so," Cree said, snatching them back. "I know how you drive. This car ain't cheap."

"Oh, come on, Cree. I'll be careful. No drag racing, I promise."

"No way," Cree said. "I remember what happen last time."

"That wasn't my fault. The guy rear-ended me," she said, putting her hands on her hips.

"Yeah," Cree said, getting into the driver's seat. "After you cut him off and flipped him the bird."

"Details, details," Millie groaned. "Why do you have to remember every little thing."

She swung around to the passenger's side and entered the car. Millie and Dora slid in the back seat. "Jenny?" Dora inquired. "Are they always like this?"

Jenny giggled. "Pretty much. You should see them when they're really mad at each other." Dora just shook her head. "Maybe you could put a whammy on them so they'll get along." Dora looked shocked, but didn't say a word. "Hey, just for one afternoon."

"I don't think Dora could get in Millie's head anyway," Cree joked as she started up the car. "There's too much clutter up there."

"Hey," Millie said, punching her lightly on the arm.

"Watch it, Millie," Cree said, backing out of the garage. "I'm driving."

"And who's fault is that," Millie said, fiddling with the radio.

The rest of the drive was spent with Cree and Millie bickering over stupid trite little things and Jenny laughing at the whole thing. Dora sat quietly taking in the behavior of this odd trio of friends. Cree parked a good distance from the entrance of the mall. Many people knew who they were, but she preferred to keep as low a profile as possible, especially after the events of a few days before.

Millie exited the car first. She swung around to Jenny's side and said through the half opened window, "Hey, Jen, did you remember that holo-thingy."

"You mean holo-projector," Jenny corrected. She had a device in her purse. She took it out and strapped it to her wrist. She pressed the bottom and upon hearing a swoosh sound her blue skin faded around into a deep oval complexion and her red eyes faded to a dark brown. Her black lips faded to a soft cherry. She took out her compact mirror inspecting the change.

She looked up at Millie, "How's that?" She opened the car door and stepped out.

"No offense, Jenny," Millie said. "But I like you better your old way."

"Me too," Cree said, opening the door on the other side to let Dora out. "But you ever hear the words low profile. We don't want to draw attention to ourselves…especially just for a routine shopping trip."

Millie swung over to the over side of the car. She put an arm around Cree's shoulders. "Cree, my girl," she said. "There is no such thing as a routine shopping trip."

"Millie, you're impossible," Cree said, laughing all the across the parking lot.

Millie led the way into the mall. After all this was her element. She knew all the ends and outs of this place. Cree followed next to her, while Jenny slagged behind with Dora. Millie led them around the corner to her favorite Clothing store called Jazz, and it lived up its name. Cree had a feeling she was going to regret this.

"Hey, girl, this is the perfect place?"

"If you say so?" Cree said.

All four girls walked into the store, Millie took the lead dragging Cree the racks with the best clothes. Jenny stood by the entrance, more intrigued by what she saw outside the store.

"Jenny, what is it?" Dora, who was standing behind her asked.

"Just thought I saw Reese. That's all," she said, turning to look at Dora.

"What would he be doing here? Doesn't seem like his kinda of place."

"Hey, if Millie or Cree ask tell them I'll be right back."

Jenny shot out of the store and walked swiftly to the jewelry store across the way. When she finally walked in her reached the jewelry store and walked in her suspicions were confirmed. It was Reese. She saw him leaning up against the counter tapping his fingers.

"Hey, handsome, come here often."

He turned to her, obviously not recognizing her. "Excuse me, Miss, but I have a girlfriend."

"Hey, and she's right over in the that store desperately trying to find a dress."

"Come again," Reese said confused. Jenny was laughing hysterically which confused Reese even more. "Miss, don't see what's so funny."

"I do," Jenny said through her giggled. "Reese, you dupe, it's me. Jenny."

"Hey, I know Jenny, and you aren't her." She became annoyed with and held up her whist so he could see the gadget she was sporting.

"Recognize this," she said with a twinkle in her eye.

"Hey," he said, looking at her more closely. "That thing actually does work. Good thing mom gave it to you." He saw that faraway look in her eye. "Hey, for what it's worth, you look better your old way."

"Yes, okay," she said, trying to hide her smile.

She looked down to see rows of wedding and engagement rings through the glass case. They were all beautiful. She looked at her own ring finger and thought that it would never possess something as beautiful as one of these rings. Who in their right mind would want to go out with a blue-skinned demon girl, much less marry one?

At that moment the clerk came rushing out of the back room and approached the counter that Reese was still leaning against. "Here you are, Sir. I hope t s too your liking."

Reese opened the red velvet box and Jenny gasped in delight. "Oh, my god." Jenny eyed the shining heart-shaped locket made of pink gold. It had a bird etched on the front of it. Reese opened the locket to see the engraving on right side. 'To my little bird, always remember.'

"I see it is to your lady's liking," the clerk said.

Jenny laughed hysterically. "What? No way. I'm not his girlfriend." She turned to Reese who was putting the locket back in the box. "Cree, is going to die when you give her this."

"I hope not," Reese said, pulling out his credit card and ID.

Jenny punched him in the arm. "You know what I mean." They walked out the store together when Jenny said, "You know, Reese. You don't want Cree seeing you here. She'll start asking questions and it could spoil your surprise. I think you should make yourself scarce."

He held his hands in front of him. "Okay, okay, I'm going."

Reese ducked down a long hallway that led to the mall bathrooms, and it was just in time. Cree, Millie and Dora were walking towards the front of the store as Jenny was almost running to meet them.

"Hey, Jenny," Millie said. "Where'd you go?"

"Just over to the jewelry store. I don't think it will be too long before Reese and Cree are picking out engagement rings."

Cree looked in shock. "Hey, it's just a date. I never said anything about a wedding. Besides, can I wait until I get out of high school first."

"Yea," Millie said. "But it won't be that long before we graduate. Then we'll be shopping for you're wedding dress."

Cree smacked Millie in the arm, but was blushing at the thought of a long white gown, and picturing Reese in a tux. The thought was way too weird, and she tried wipe it from her mind.

"So," Jenny said, as they were all standing outside the entrance to Jazz. "Did you find a dress?"

"No," Cree groaned. "They didn't have anything I liked. Everything was so tacky."

"Hey," Millie said. "I get all my clothes here."

"I rest my case," Cree said, and walked several paces ahead, until she realized that no one was following her. She turned back. "Hey, are you guys coming."

Millie reluctantly dragged herself away from her favorite store and followed Cree. Jenny and Dora lagged several paces behind. Cree walked slowly looking intently into every store window. Dora and Jenny had caught up to her by now.

Jenny spoke first. "What exactly are you looking for, Cree?"

"I don't know," she said. "I'll know when I see it." She passed several more rows when she spotted something. She stopped dead in her tracks, which almost made Millie trip over her since the girl wasn't watching where she was going in the first place.

"Hey, Cree," Millie said, agitated. "Tell me when you're going to stop." Cree payed no attention to Millie's ranting. She was to fixated on what she saw in the store window. Millie looked up to see the name of the story. A Touch of Elegance. "This place must be new," Millie said. "I don't remember seeing this store."

"Wow, Cree," Jenny said. "That dress is really beautiful."

"Really," Cree said. "What do you think, Dora?"

Before Dora could answer, Millie shot out. "Why are you asking Miss Bookworm here. It's not like she knows anything about fashion."

"And that's all you know," Dora shot back at her. "Cree, I think if you like the dress, go try it on."

"Okay," Cree said, smiling. "Let's go in."

Cree walked into the clothing called A Touch of Elegance like she was a queen. She never one to have this much self-confidence, but when she saw that beautiful dress she knew she wanted it, not just because she thought Reese would like her in it, but because she liked the feeling she got when she looked at it. She just hoped they had it in her size.

She walked up to the counter. The clerk looked straight at her. "Can I help you?" she said, not too interested in Cree at all.

"Yes, Ma'am," she said, trying to be polite. "That dress in the window."

"Oh, that one," the clerk said. She looked over Cree and called out to one of the sales girls. "Carrie," she called. "Can you come over here?"

Within a few seconds Cree saw a young girl about her own age walking swiftly to the counter. "What is it, Silvia?" Carrie asked as she approached the counter a little out of breath.

"This customer would like to try on that dress, the one in the window."

"Oh, sure," Carrie said. She looked Cree over. "I think it just might fit."

Cree didn't know if that was an insult or a compliment. In no way was she fat, but wasn't pencil-thin either. She saw the sale girl take the dress off the mannequin, and a flutter came to her insides. Suddenly she was nervous about trying it on.

"Here you are," Carrie said. "Dressing rooms are in the back."

Cree followed where Carrie was pointed her to. The other girls followed close behind. She hesitated once she reached the door the dressing room.

"Hey, girl, what are you waiting for?" Millie asked. "Go, on."

Cree shot her a look only Millie could translate. It was sort of a hidden language between the two. Even Jenny didn't know what it meant. Cree walked in as the other three girls waited patiently outside. It was a good ten minutes, and she still hadn't emerged.

"What's taking her so long," Millie complained. "Did she fall through a black hole or something?"

"Millie," Jenny scolded. "Give her time. This is a big thing for her. You know how self-conscious she is."

"I can understand that," Dora said, finally voicing an opinion. "Shyness isn't crime. Has Cree always been like that?"

"As long as I've known her," Millie said, looking back towards the dressing rooms. "But Cree's cool. Sometimes she can be a bit of a recluse, but…"

"But?" Jenny chimed in. "She can be a lot of fun. And…" Jenny stopped talking, instead looked over to the entrance of the dressing rooms, her eyes wide and her voice gasping.

Millie who had been a constant vigil had turned away the entrance, and only now looked over to be Cree emerge. "Oh my God," Millie squealed. "You look so beautiful."

Dora only smiled as Cree spun around in the flowing lavender dress with its delicate flower print and spaghetti straps. She looked in the mirror and smiled at her reflection. She turned back to her friends, her face glowing.

"So, what do you think?" She said it more to Jenny and Dora who had no as yet commented on the dress.

"Cree, that dress is so you," Jenny said. "When sees you in that…"

"He might just jump your bones before you get out the front door," Millie said and laughed.

Cree tried to act like she was angry. "Millie, can't you tame your dirty mind for once." Cree smiled at her anyway. "What you think, Dora?"

"It's great, Cree," Dora said. "You should definitely get it."

"Cree looked back in the mirror. "I think I will."

She laughed to herself, still not believing how she felt wearing the dress. Millie came up behind her and said, "Now, we have to pick out the right accessories."

"What do you mean?" Cree asked.

Millie looked annoyed. "What kind of question is that? Look. Now that you have the prefect dress, we need shoes, scarves, jewelry and the perfect handbag."

Dora laughed when Jenny leaned towards and said, "Millie just inherited the Sadian shopping gene."

Cree looked at Millie and said, "Okay, shoes, yes, but no jewelry. I have enough of it already."

"Okay, but you do need a matching hadbag."

Cree relented, letting Millie have her way, not that there was anything she could have done to stop her anyway. She went back into the dressing room to change back into her clothes. By the time she got back out Millie had already picked out a pair of shoes. They were a pink and Lavender floral print with a pearlized finish.

"Will these do?" Millie asked.

Cree picked one up with her free hand and said, "They're perfect."

"I knew you would love them. Try them on and see how they feel. It's nothing worse then wearing an uncomfortable shoe."

Cree handed the dress to Jenny and sat down on the bench near the dressing rooms. She tried them on and got up and walked around for a bit. "They're great," Cree said. "I love them. Thanks, Millie."

Millie came up next to her. "Anything to my girl." I was times likes these that she realized why she and Millie were friends. They may had been polar opposites, but they were always there for each other.

Carrie, the salesgirl, came up to them. "So, will you be taking the dress?"

"Of course she is," Millie said, "and the shoes too. Now where's your purses and handbags."

"Over on that wall," Carrie said.

"Stay put," Millie said. "I'll be right back."

Dora looked at Jenny confused. Jenny just said. "I guess she's still in the shopping mode."

It was less than ten minutes when Millie came bounding towards her friends once more. She was swinging a cute tiny lavender pearl handbag between her fingers. She stopped right in front of Cree and handed her the handbag. Cree examined it intensely.

"So, what do you think?" Millie asked. Cree stayed silent. She had a tendency of doing things like that to Millie. "Cree, don't leave me in suspense."

"Okay, okay," Cree said, laughing. She had fun making Millie suffer like that. "It's perfect."

"Oh, Cree," Jenny said. "You're going to look so great on your date tomorrow night. You're just going to knock Reese's socks off."

"Yea, along with a few other thing," Millie chimed in.

Cree stayed silent, just threw Millie a look of disgust. The four girls approached the counter. Jenny was carefully holding the dress while Cree put the handbag and shoes on the counter. "Will that be all?" The cashier asked.

"Yes, Ma'am," Cree said.

"Would you like a gift box for the dress?" the girl asked.

"Yes, please," Cree asked.

The girl came around the corner and took the dress from Jenny. Cree dug into her purse and dug out her credit card. "Hey, Cree, where did you get the plastic?" Miliie asked.

"Mar," she said. "She wanted me to have in case of an emergency."

"And a hot date with Reese is definitely an emergency."

After paying for her purchases the girls made their way to the parking garage. "I'm exhausted," Cree said. "How do you do it, Millie?"

Dora spoke out this time. "The question is, why does she do it?"

"Very funny, Dora?" Millie said. "Shopping is an art form." Dora just shook her head.

"Come on, guys, let's go home," Cree said, putting the bags in the trunk. "I just want to sleep until tomorrow night."

"Hey, Cree, How's it goin'?"

Cree heard a familiar voice, but not one of her friends. She turned around to see a familiar face, but not one she wanted to see. "Lea Reilly?"

"So you remember my name," Lea said, coming closer to her. She had a cigarette in her mouth. "Drake says hi."

Cree got an uneasy feeling from Lea. Millie stepped between them. "Why don't you get out of here, Reilly." Millie looked livid, knowing by the look of the girl that she was intent on hurting her friend

"Hey, Firecracker, you used to be one of us, until you dumped us for these geeks."

"That's not true, Lea, and you know it. When you all found out I was a Sadian you all turned me in."

"Yea, whatever, Mil. Freaks like you deserve to die."

"Ah, Millie," Jenny said. "I think we're in trouble."

Millie looked around to see some familiar faces, but not friendly ones.

"Hey, girls," Lea said. "Let's show those Sadian freaks a lesson."

Cree slammed the trunk of the car and looked straight at Lea. "You don't what this, Lea. Trust me."

"Why?'Lea said, coming up and shoving her. "What's a little Sadian freak like you going to do about it. You gonna use your power on me."

"No, Lea," Cree said. "I'm not going to fight you. I doesn't have to be like that."

"After what you did to Drake," Lea said, bragging hold of Cree. She had her hands around her neck choking her.

"Cree!" Millie shouted, while another one of Lea girls grabbed her. "Sorry, Firecracker, but this is between Lea and your freak friend."

Millie yanked herself free. "Oh, really, Tosha."

"Millie, don't!" Jenny shouted, but it was too late. Millie fired off an explosion, not one strong enough to really hurt anyone, but enough to throw Tosha off her guard. Millie care to direct the blast away from her.

Millie ran towards Cree and Lea. Cree was on the ground while Lea tried hitting her with a pipe, but Cree caught it and was struggling for control of it. She concentrated hard. She could feel the metal melting away. Even though she was wearing her gloves she could still feel the hot metal burning through the fabric. Lea was not so lucky. The metal was touching her bare skin, and she cried out in pain.

"You, bitch!" Lea screamed out in pain. "Look what you did." Lea was on her knees crying on the cold pavement. "I'll kill you for this!"

"Shut up, Millie," said, standing over her. "You got what you deserved."

Lea was still crying, Cree had a look of guilt on her face. Jenny was standing next to Dora who was looking straight at the other two girls who where with Lea. They looked frightened by her gaze.

"Dorra," Jenny whispered. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing much," she said, a sly grin on her face.

Jenny saw the two girls running off until they were out of sight. They were obviously upset about something. Jenny looked straight into Dora's eyes. "Oh, nothing much you say?"

"It was just a little hypnotic suggestion," turning suddenly. Tosha had come up behind them. "Jenny, watch out." Tosha blindsides her, knowing Jenny to the ground. The device that was responsible for her human disguise fell off her wrist. It hit the ground a busted into two pieces.

"So,"Tosha said that what you really look like. Hey, Lea, here's the biggest freak of all. Tosha raised up her foot as if the kick Jenny, when Jenny suddenly disappeared. "What the...?" Tosha felt a punch to the face, but she didn't know where it came from.

Dora was a little startled, especially when she saw Jenny reappear. When Tosha realized what happened. She dragged herself of the ground and sped away as fast as her legs would carry her.

Jenny and Dora ran over to where Cree and Millie were. "Hey, you guys okay?" Jenny asked.

"Oh, look at the freak," Lea said, looking straight at Jenny.

"Shut up," Millie said. "Or I'll finish what Cree started.

Cree stumbled over to Lea who was hiding her hand. "Can I take a look."

"No," Lea said. "I don't want any of you freaks touching me."

"Watch who you're calling a freak," Millie said. She accidentally got a glance at Lea hand. "Yeah, there's nothing wrong with your hand. Were you faking the entire time. That wouldn't surprise me."

"Wait a minute," Cree said. "I saw your hand. It was all messed up."

Dora stared Lea down, it a few seconds time she wore a look of gratification. "You're right, Millie. Miss Reily has been faking, but not about being hurt." Millie looked confused as did the other girls. "She's one of us, aren't you Lea."

Lea rose to her feet and lunged towards Dora. "Shut up!" she screamed. Millie blocked her way before she could reach Dora. "I not like you. You're all freaks, especially her." She pointed at Jenny. Hurt could be seen in Jenny's eyes. "Hey, demon girl, how hot is hell, really?"

"Shut up, Lea." Millie said. "To think you're a traitor to your own people." Millie didn't notice that Jenny had tears in her eyes. "How could you?"

"I'm not one of you. You're all freaks."

"If we are than so are you," Millie shouted back at her. The shouting match went back and forth several times, until Cree stepped. "Millie, stop it."

Millie was silenced long enough to see how upset Jenny was. "That's it," Millie said, her anger up. "Nobody hurts my friend."

Cree could see that Millie was about to attack. "Millie!" Cree shouted at her. "That's enough. Let's just go home."

"You're not going anywhere, Cree," Lea said. "Can't let you got blabbing my secret."

"I could care less about your secret, Lea. Unlike you, I take care of my friends. Where are yours?"

Lea took off across the other side of the parking lot. "Hey, you coward," Millie shouted.

"Let her go, Millie," Cree demanded. She walked over the Jenny. "Hey, are you okay?" She only nodded, not able to speak. "Come on. Let's get out of here. It's late. Mar will skin us alive if we don't get back soon." Cree stumbled onto the broken device. She bent over and picked it up. "We may be able to fix it."

Jenny just gave her a sullen look but wouldn't say anything. The car ride home was spent in silence. The last thing Cree was looking for tonight was a fright. To learn that vile girl was Sadian was too much for her to stomach.

When they finally entered the parking garage that is when Millie spoke out. "You should have let me beat her ass," Millie said to Cree.

"What would that prove?" Cree asked. Millie was silent. "Absolutely nothing." With that, Cree exited the car. Millie followed as did Dora and Jenny.

Cree opened the trunk of the car and took out her packages. Millie approached her. "Oh, so you think it was okay what that bitch said about Jenny?"

"No, I don't think it's okay. In fact it makes me sick."

"Stop it!" Jenny shouted. "I don't want to hear another word." Tears filled her eyes as she ran out of the parking garage and out of the sight of her friends.

Dora gave them both a look. "While you two keep arguing I'll go check on Jenny." Dorra stumped off leaving Cree and Millie alone.

Cree felt so guilty. "Millie, I don't want to argue, okay."

"It seems like that's all we do," Millie said. "Why are we friends again?"

The question made Cree smile. "I have no idea." The two friends embraced. "We should really go check on Jenny."

"Yea," Millie said, and picked one of the bags. We walked out of the parking garage together. That's when Millie said, "I still say I should have kicked her ass."

"Millie!" Cree asked, trying to sound appalled. Millie knew she wasn't. Given half the chance she would have done it herself.

They made their way up the second floor where they were met by Marianna Faigon. She was standing next to Cree wrecked door.

"Hi, Miss Faigon," Millie said, giving a wave. "How it going?"

"Hello, Millie," she said. "Cree, would one of you like to explain this."

"Oh, Miss Faigon," Millie shot up. "I was all my fault. You see, we were supposed to take Cree shopping for her date tomorrow night, but she fell asleep and her door was locked, so I kind of...well."

"Yes, Millie, I understand," Marianna said, laughing a little. "Should doors be off limits to you as well?"

Cree laughed at that. "We're really sorry, Mar, aren't we Millie."

"Yeah," Millie said, smiling innocently. "It will never happen again."

"See that it doesn't," Marianna said. "Oh, and Millie, this means extra house duties for a month." Millie groaned. She hated housework. "Millie?"

"Alright," she grumbled.

With that Cree stepped into her room and laid the dress box on her bed. Millie followed setting the bags on the floor. "We should really go check on Jenny now," Cree said.

"Let's go," Millie said.

Cree and Millie down the long hall and turned right at the corner. Jenny's room was the last one at the end of the hall. As they approached they realized that her door was open. Dora was in the room with and Jenny was still crying."

"Hey, Jen," Cree said, peeking her head in the doorway.

"Hey, Cree," Jenny said, wiping the tears away. "Sorry I got so upset."

"No, Jenny, you don't have anything to be sorry about," she said and entered the room. Millie followed close behind.

"Yea, Jenny, we're really sorry. We shouldn't be fighting."

Jenny smiled for the first time and got up from her bed. "No, Millie, you were right. Lea does deserve to get her ass kicked."

All the girls were laughing, all except Dora. "What is so funny. That girl, she's one of us. As horrible as she may be she is still a Sadian. Aren't we all supposed to help each other."

"Yeah, maybe," Millie said, sitting on the edge of Jenny's bed, "but, hey, the way I see it she's a traitor."

"Then isn't it up to us to enlighten her," Dorra said.

"What are you going to do?" Millie asked. "Fiddle around in her brain and make her nice."

Cree laughed. "Oh, come on, and how long would that last? Not five minutes. Besides, it's unethical. Plus, Mar would ground us forever."

"It doesn't work that way anyhow. For a person to change they have to want to change. All I can do is show them the truth."

"Yea, yea, whatever," Millie said, getting up and walking back over the Jenny who was standing next to Cree. "Hey, girl, you got my permission to knock me upside the head the next time I start acting like a jerk."

All the girls were laughing this time. Then Jenny said, "Can I get that in writing?"

"Friends?" Millie said, and held out her hand.

"Always," Jenny said and hugged. "That's if you don't mind hanging out with a demon girl."

"Hey," Cree said. "The way I see it we're all a bunch of misfits."

"Yea," Miliie said, "but we stick together.

Cree looked over at Dora. "Come on over. That includes you too. Dora reluctantly joined them.

"Are you sure you want me to join in?" Dora asked.

All three girls smiled at her, even Millie. Cree spoke first. "Let's make a vow. Let's promise to always be friends and to always look out for each other. Okay."

"Okay, Cree," Millie. It was an unspoken vow between all of them. They were connected, like it or not, and they all knew. "Enough of the sap, already. Let's go get something to eat."

Cree groaned while exiting Jenny room with Millie trailing behind her. Both Jenny and Dora thought it was rather funny. That's the way it was, and the way they hoped it would always be.