Family Fun

By Lerene

Author Note: I have come to the decision to post all my one shots based on family moments all into one story. Each chapter while be it own little story. Each one of the little stories are based on something that really happened, but each are still original fiction and not non-fiction. They're all story that popped in my head after listening to the true events many times. You don't have to read the chapter's in order because there is no order to them at the moment, I'm just writing things as I think of them. You don't even need to read every one of them. Read the ones that the summary catches your eyes is fine with me.

Reviews are always nice, even if all they are is "Great chapter" or "That was funny." Thank you for checking my stuff out. ^_^

Story is copyrighted to Lerene. No reposting whatsoever!

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Main Summary:

Everyone has some weird family moments. Humorous weird family moments.

Me? My life and family is full of butt load of of these stories. There is no way to get around them. Funny moments just seem to follow us around. There's no getting past them. There just always around the corner.

Then again we also seem to just fall into these moments. Could be because we are a family of smart alecks. Could also be because we are just a group of funny people. But mostly because these moments just seem to fall in our laps.

Whatever the case may be, it's my job to share them and help us remember them forever.

Table of Contents:

~ Chapter 1

I Promise I Won't Hit You

Summary: Husband and wives should never do garden work together. Nothing good can come from it.

~ Chapter 2

Love is Dead

Summary: It's sad when you learn your husband isn't romantic type. It's never sadder when he trys to sign his own anniversary card. Seems the love is dead.

~ Chapter 3

Get Me A Beer

Summery: The groom is not allowed a beer.

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Story is copyrighted to Lerene. No reposting whatsoever!