Once upon a time in a land far far away lived Princess Rosa, her beauty was within no boundaries, her long golden hair stunned each suitor, and her brilliant blue eyes held them captive.

Rosa was betrothed to the handsome Prince Alexander, her was a tall brooding man, who's dazzling smile took the breath of every woman who saw it.

Their wedding was to be perfect, the white walls of the palace were perfect to be decorated. Rosa's dress was tight and it bound her arms against her body, it was made of a rough material, but she knew that you had to sometimes suffer for your beauty.

The date was set, all the guests sat patiently in their rooms waiting for the bride to arrive. She was taken past each room, and slowly each guest peered out, longing for the wedding to begin. Rosa was ecstatic. Her chauffer lead her to the room where the wedding would take place was. She was astounded with how beautiful the room was. Each wall was soft, as was the floor. Her chauffer left her in the room to await her guests and the groom.

Enter Prince Alexander, with the same stunning smile planted on his face.

"Alexander!" Rosa exclaimed, "You're not supposed to see the bride before the wedding!"

Alexander made his grin broader, although a sense of pity was left lingering in his eyes.

"Rosa," he sighed, "We aren't getting married." Then Rosa's fairytale came crashing down.

"Yes we are," Rosa insisted.

"Rosa," Alexander began.

"We are!" Rosa screamed, the binding around her arms seemed to be getting tighter as she struggled.

"Do you know where you are?" Alexander demanded, his voice controlled and filled with authority.

"I'm waiting to get married to my fairytale prince!" Rosa insisted. Alexander's eyes hardened. He sighed and took her hand.

"Rosa, I'm Dr. Alex Smith, and I'm here to help you."