The votes are in, and, from the results of the poll, I will be doing a sequel :)

For those of you who voted epilogue/didnt vote, or whatever, or even those that did vote sequel, if there is some tragic, cliche-type thing that you desperately don't want in the sequel, review or PM me, and let me know. Chances are i won't want it in there either :D

I think it's only fair that i give you an idea of what the sequel will involve, so you can decide whether or not you really want to read it, rather than read it and be horribly horribly disappointed.
So, there will be a prologue-type thing, going over the rest of the night of the dance, and the next week or so of school (including a confrontation with dylan). Then, it will get to the main part, which will be set during the summer holidays, explore the relationship, etc. And then i'm toying with the idea of an epilogue.
Actually, on second thoughts, maybe I'll just make it a two/three part thing.
I dunno. But whatever I do, there will be a lot of Beau/Anna relationship stuff. I also plan to (being that it's a plan, it may or may not happen) develop Matt and Trey more, because personally I like them alot. I want to develop all the characters a lot more, but Matt and Trey are the mains. Oh, and Justin too.

Oh, and if there's anything that you DO desperately want, let me know that too, and if I like it, I'll try to include it. :)

BUT. I'm gonna be pretty busy for a while. I'm moving schools (eep. New girl routine, yay. Insert sarcasm.), and I'm freaking out a little about that. Being the new kid and all, especially in senior years. And I also have like, two other stories that I'm working on. PLUS I'm doing NaNoWriMo in November. So I'm not sure when it will be up.
But when I get spare time, or when things calm down a little, I'll try to get it up. kay? :)

On the NaNoWriMo thing, it's my first year, so it should be fun :)
Anyone else doing it?
If you're not, you should definitely think about it.
It'll be fun!
Except for the stress. And the copious amounts of coffee you'll have to drink to make it to 50000 words.
Nah, it should be a challenge.
I like challenges :)

Well. that's all the rambling I plan to do for now.

HOORAY! Idol tomorrow!
Do I need to remind you who to vote for?
I think i will, just in case :)
I always forget how to spell her name. It confuses me. Specially at midnight, when I should be sleeping.
Which I'm going to do now. :)

Don't let the bed bugs bite!

-ashley :)