"Jordan, the truck's arrived." Jean Claude's voice floated from the doorway and Jordan turned around to nod quickly.

"You go on out, I'll be with you in a second."

Jordan put down the pen he had been using and grabbed the third coffee of the day from his desk. Quickly throwing his coat on, he unsheathed the baton he carried around his waist and strolled outside.

The alarm sounded to let everybody know a new inmate was coming. The prisoners nosily peered round the bars to their cells, wondering who it would be this time. Jordan was almost glad this guy was to be put in solitary confinement - he knew that he would get ripped to pieces if put in a cell with any of this lot. They were animals, the lot of them. At least that was the way Jordan saw it.

He stood outside with Jean Claude, rubbing his hands together and stamping his feet.

"You look ridiculous doing that," Jean Claude informed him dryly. Jordan simply shrugged and carried on doing it until the reinforced truck door opened and out stepped a man.

Jordan was quite suprised at how ordinary looking he was. He had imagined Reid Emmet to be a dirty, old, balding man with a beer belly. Instead, in front of him was a slim twenty-something, with stylishly cut black hair and hazel eyes. His fingernails had chipped black nail polish on them and Jean Claude spotted it and scoffed.

"Queer," he muttered, as the two of them walked up to the prisoner and took him by the arms.

"I feel like I'm being escorted to the Royal Ballet."

Jean Claude looked over at Jordan, confused at the inmate's statement, but Jordan said nothing. The three of them entered the prison silently, ignoring the catcalls from the other prisoners and the wolfwhistles he was recieving. Once they were in an empty corridor on the way down to the Special Housing Unit, Reid laughed.

"I'm quite the popular one, aren't I?"

"Yeah, well, you're gonna have to be popular whilst stuck in a cell by yourself, buddy," Jean Claude growled. Jordan sensed the immediate dislike that Jean Claude had placed upon Reid and pegged it down to his best friend's homophobia.

"My, my, are we jealous?" Reid asked, widening his eyes in amusement. "Well you know where I am if you ever want a quickie..."

Jean Claude growled and threw Reid into the wall.

"You can keep your queer thoughts to yourself, you filthy paedophile. Come anywhere near me, you little faggot, and you'll regret it."

"Jean Claude!" Jordan shouted, prising the man away from him. "Cool it, will you? Leave him alone."

"I'll leave him alone when..."

"Look, dude, go back upstairs, I'll deal with him, okay? Go chill out man. I'll be back as soon as I can."

Jean Claude nodded, throwing a dirty look at Reid before disappearing down the corridor.

"Sorry about him," Jordan apologised, leading Reid into his room and uncuffing him. "He's..."

"A complete bastard."

"That wasn't what I was going to say," Jordan said uneasily. "But he can be, yes. Right, this is your bed..."

"And this is my door, and these are the four walls that will keep me stuck in here for the rest of my life, yeah?"

"Um, yes. Food is given at 8, 12 and 6 o'clock and you'll be eating in here, with the supervision of a guard. You'll have a shower every morning, which will again, be supervised by several guards. The games room is off limits to you, but we do have a gym facility that you can go to with the..."

"Supervision of a guard," Reid finished. Jordan nodded.

"Am I allowed visits?"

The question caught Jordan off guard.

"You, er, you have people to visit you?" he asked carefully, not wanting to insult him too much.

Reid smirked. "I may be a murderer, but mummy still believes her little boy is innocent. Oh, officer! Just because you found the bodies there, doesn't mean Reid killed them! What do DNA tests prove? It could have been anyone's teeth marks that bit that young boy!" Reid mocked. Jordan laughed, but stopped at the teeth mark comment. He had to remember that he was dealing with a cannibal here, not a friendly neighbour. He coughed and straightened up.

"That'll be all. Lunch is served at 12."

Jordan shut the windowless cell door and locked it securely.

And it was only 10 in the morning.