What The?

by Lerene

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Chapter 3: You should be sleeping

Rubbing his tired face David slowly made his way into his 3 bedroom house. He didn't get far into his house when he stopped to stared into his living room. "Why are you awake," he called out to his 5-year-old daughter.

"Hi daddy," the cute little girl smiled happily at her father. Her long brown hair was pulled into two pony tails on the side of her head. She sat at one end of the couch and she held a large white pillow to her chest hiding her powder blue long nightgown.

"You are suppose to be in bed right now little missy. It way past your bedtime." David walked into the room to see his daughter had some kid movie on and her babysitter out cold. He frowned at his friend. "I see Uncle Carl put himself to sleep and not you."

His daughter looked at her uncle and giggled. "He put me to bed, but I awake up and wanted to wait up for you!" Her pig tails bouncing as she hoped up and down on the couch. The pillow held tight. It had her father wondering if she had sugar or something. She was way to hyper after midnight.

"Erika," David said in a warning tone, "you know better little lady."

Erika's large grin fell into a sheepish grin. "Sorry daddy." His little girl was just to cute for his own good.

David shook his head then took her pillow from her so he could whack Carl with it. Carl made weird grunting noises after the pillow hit him but he didn't wake up. Just wiggled around a bit on the brown recliner. Erika giggled at her Uncle.

David pointed down the hallway, "Get to bed little miss."



"Kiss?" She pouts her lips out hoping for a good night kiss.

David smiled with a shake of his head. There were times that little girl knew how to wrap him around her little finger. He leaned down on one knee so he was at her level. "What, no hug?"

His little girl broke out in a huge smile and ran into her father arms and gave a kiss to his stubbly check. She made a face when she pulled away. "Daddy, your face hurts."

David laughed and rubbed at the beard he was working on. "Sorry about that little girl. Now get your fanny in bed and close your eyes and go to sleep." He had to say all of that otherwise she would think she is getting away with something. Kids were sneaky like that.

"Kay, Night Daddy."

"Night, Angel," He said standing up and watching her run to her room. When he heard her door close and he was sure she was staying in there he grabbed the pillow and held it over Carl's face. When Carl kicked his legs and arms David pulled the pillow away. "You awake now?"

"Yes," Carl grabbed the pillow from David. "What was that able?" Carl rubbed at his eyes with the heal of his right hand to get the sleep out of it. Then he streaked his muscles. For someone who was just smothered with a pillow, he didn't seem to give a dam. Weirdo.

"You're the worst babysitter ever," David said going over to the couch to grab the remount to turn the TV off.

"What are you talking about? Your little girl loves me." Carl's words were followed by a large yawn.

"The babysitter shouldn't be going to bed before the kid."

Carl made a sheepish grin. "Erika was awake? I promise I put her to bed." Carl put the recliner back in regular chair mode so he would stay away from the temptation of falling back to sleep. He was god awful tired.

David snorted at that and moved toward the hallway. "Did you happen to check that she was asleep? Did you tell her to go to sleep?"

"I tucked her in. Isn't that the same thing?"

"No," he said with a laugh. After saying that he turned to walk into his daughter's room. Erika's little feet were sticking out from under the bed. "I believe I told you to go to bed."

"But I want my Snowflake."

David glanced at the millions of stuff toys coving her bedroom floor trying to remember which one was Snowflake. She just had to many toys anymore that he couldn't remember. But he was sure it was a horse. "What's wrong with with your other Stuffies?"

"Their not Snowflake!"

The girl sounded heart broken. That was the type of sound a father never wanted to hear from his daughter.

A small whistle noise came from the living room and David turned just in time to catch something soft, white, and blue coming for him. It just happened to be a floppy white unicorn with a blue mane and tail. Ah, Snowflake. He remembered buying this for his little girl last Christmas. She loved her floppy unicorns. "Found him."

Erika quickly crawled back out from under her bed then ran for toy but her father held it to high. "Daddy!"

"Climb in bed then I'll give you him."

The girl pouted but did as her father said. After David had her all tucked in he gave her the unicorn and told her to go to bed. When he was sure she was going to go to sleep he turned her bedroom light off then exited the room. He turned off all other lights off except for a table light next to the couch.

Seeing Carl eying the couch David said, "Feel free to sleep on the couch."

"Thanks man," Carl said with a sigh plopping on the couch. He did not have any wish to drive home as tired as he was. "So how'd your patrol go tonight?"

David had to bite his tongue to stop another round of laugher from exploding from his mouth. After he dropped the guy off at the station David had himself a laughing fit in his car. A long laughing fit. It took him forever to be able to stop laughing to be able to go back to his patrol. "You promise to control your laughter so you won't wake up Erika?"

Carl gave him a confused look but nodded his head yes.

David glanced down the dark hall then sat down on the arm of the couch. "I pulled a guy over tonight for a DUI."

"How's that funny?"

"He was wearing assless pants."

Carl blinked at first, then laughed. David had to cover his mouth to muffle the noise. "Shut up, you'll wake Erika!"

Carl put his hands in the air which cause David to pull his hand away. "Are you serious," Carl said. Mirth filling his words.


"Wait. Did he past the test?" Carl grabbed the pillow already having a feeling what the answer was going to be.

"No. " David was having a hard time not starting to laugh again. "And I don't want to know why he had those pants on anyway."

After Carl had control of himself again he pulled the pillow away from his mouth. "How fruity did the guy look."

"That's the best part. He didn't look fruity at all! He looked like some motorcycle riding guy."

"God, if I've knew being a cop would be so hilarious I so would have became that instead of a repair man."

"It has it moments. But the best part? He was driving a station wagon."

Carl fell over and laughed into the pillow.

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Story is copyrighted to Lerene. No reposting whatsoever!

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