My Black Thong

X-XThe Phone CallX-X

"Hold on, hold on! Miss! Miss, you left this!"

I turned around and eyed the skinny counter man who ran after me.

"Who, Me?" I questioned, looking to his hand where he held a small plastic bad with the Victoria's Secret logo on it.

"Yes, you left this behind... You paid for it too" He laughed, handing it over to me. I crocked my brow then looked down to the bag before looking up at the man who was rushing back to the store.

"But... I didn't buy anything from there" I mumbled, rolling my eyes and pushing the plastic bag into my purse.

What had the man been thinking? He clearly had mistaken me.

However, free clothing.

If it doesn't fit then I sell it for cash, if it does fit, then I keep it... Whatever it is.


I sat down in the small booth with a cup of Dimpin' Dots and my purse beside me.

"Ugh, this is going to bug me!" I snarled, slamming the cup down, along with the plastic spoon and went to dig in my purse only for my phone to go off from inside of it.

I went rigid before glaring at my purse.

Who in the right mind?


"Liz Harlem?"

"Yes, who is this?" I whispered, looking to my phone before putting it back to my ear.

It was a blocked number.

"Who I am is not important,"

"It is to me, either stop pranking me or I'm hanging up" I stated blandly, pushing my glasses back up onto the small crook on my neck and leaning back on the booth seat.

"You don't want to know..."

"Okay, I'm hanging up!" I snapped, pulling it from my ear and snapping the phone shut and slamming it down onto the table before stuffing another spoon full into my mouth.

The phone rang again and I sighed,


"Liz Harlem, I'm going to tell you a secret... can I trust you?"

"I'm a nerd, no one likes me, I don't gab, who am I supposed to tell, I don't even know your name" I groaned.

"I have 50 days before my father and I are being convicted of murder that we didn't do. I need to convince the court I'm an average teenager and that I wasn't at that party the night Krista Carmon died"