My black Thong

Author's note: Thank you all for holding on to this story, thank you for staying with me throughout this whole story, and I have to say that this story is going to start and wind down. So start the count down. 10 chapters left.

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I love you all!

Sorry this one is so short, but it skips over a month or so.


Another month went by without me seeing it. I went to work, watched my father watch me, nearly had a mental break down every time. Abigail came with me, read books galore where I could see her or with Derik. Once he found out, Derik nearly killed him if my boss had not been there.

I thought I was pissed at my father, Derik was twice as pissed. We went to see his father another time, and we both had a fight again while Derik went to the bathroom. Turns out as the court date came closer, he was amazing and was getting off a week before for good behavior. If I could, I would have stabbed him but I have too many people to take care of.

Abigail went to class with me without my professors even knowing. They had 130 kids per class, I didn't think they would notice a small blond head sitting beside me silently and coloring/reading. Either that, or they didn't seem to care as long as she was silent. I now have a binder full of paper protectors with two colorings or drawings in them (One facing the front, one on the back).

Now the court date is in 3 days and Abigail and I are shopping for a dress for her to wear to court with me. I wasn't going to leave a 4 year old in my dorm room where Mary might come back.

Mary! Ohh where do I start. Ever since we fought, she's barely been there. I've only seen her 2 since then and we were both silent as mutes. Both times Derik took Abigail to the park so I could do homework. Mary won't speak to me, but at this time, I don't care, she could fall off a cliff for all I care. Abigail took her place and more inside my heart.

Well, she tried on a baby blue one, then a pink one with butterflies on it. Both looked like tank-tops with tutu's on them. That's when we found a pink one that was simple with a puffy sleeve but it was perfect. We even got her hair cut so she had bangs and her curls came out better.

"I love it mommy!" She cried, looking in the mirror at her pigtails that glittered.

"Me too" I laughed, hugging her and paying for the cut. I pushed my glasses up my nose as I grabbed Abigail's hand and she skipped out with me walking beside her.

"So... are you and Derik going to get married?" She giggled as I shook my head. but I can't say the thought never crossed my mind.

"No... but Derik's going to go to a court room and have a debate with the people in it, him and his friend." I explained as best as I could.

"Ohh! really... Like on the t.v?" I nodded as we climbed onto the bus. 15 minutes later we were in my room and she crashed on the couch. Derik found his way in as I was in the shower.

"Hey... Liz..." He whispered, poking the shower curtain as I jumped nearly out of my skin.

"What!" I whispered harshly back.

"I need a shower!" He cried in a silent voice.

"Can it wait?" I whined only to jump when I found a naked body behind me. And it had a boner.

"No... I don't think so" He whispered in my ear and pulled me close. I smiled slightly at his warmth but the boner made a shiver go through my body.

"I...I" Of couse I was on the pill and had been for the longest time, but I didn't know if I would ever be ready. But when he kissed my neck and pulled me as close as I could be, I completely forgot.

I turned and felt his lips crash on mine. Smiling and giggling as he tickled me slightly while doing so, I relaxed and allowed him to turn me and pin me up against the wall. Before I knew it, he was kissing down my neck, then at my chest, kissing and fiddling with me with his tongue. As he trailed kissed down my stomach, I grabbed his hair softly and let my head hang back.

"Derik... Abigail" I whispered, biting my lip to keep from moaning or making noise.

"Ohh, I know" He whispered, coming back up and kissing me back on the lips. Sliding his hand under my butt he lifted me up so that my legs wrapped around his waist. Then he pushed in and I bit his lip, hard! Good thing the water was on, because I was rubbing up against the wall really hard, I would have friction burns if the wall wasn't slightly slippery. His mouth never left mine while he pushed as hard as he could into me. I don't know if he felt it, but I had to have released atleast 4 times before I couldn't breathe. I pushed my head back to gasp for air. He smirked, kissed the nick of my neck.

Still in me, I smiled at him, laying my arms around his neck, He was about to pull out when someone threw back the curtains and gasped.

I nearly fainted as I found Mary staring at us. I pushed Derik from out of me and shut the curtain.

"MARY! GET OUT!" I screamed, as she turned and ran from the spot. Derik began to laugh as I marched out and dried myself off, pulled a towel around me and walked out into main room.

"Mommy?" Abigail mumbled as I stopped and smiled at her.

"Yea?" I whispered, kissing her forehead as she yawned and looked at me.

"Now that I'm awake... can we make cupcakes?" She asked as I nodded and laughed slightly. Sugary comma's were exactly what I needed right now!