The Pain of Life
Life can be full of joy, of happiness
When you feel everything is perfect
And the world is just ace
But it also brings pain

The pain of your life's dream failing
The bitterness from being unfulfilled
The frustration of being stuck in a rut
Or in the traffic jam of life
The anger of no way out
Life can be truly painful

The pain of watching the one you love
In the arms of another
Because you didn't have the guts to say you loved them first
The tears falling from your eyes as you watch them in happiness
The hate for the person that holds them instead of you
Life can be truly painful

The pain of rejection
Of your so called friends laughing at you
The feeling of being truly alone
With no one to help you through the harshness of life
The fear from facing the world without anyone
Life can be truly painful

You are born then you die
Sometimes what happens between doesn't go your way
But the people who bear pain in life
Come out the strongest of all