No people I am not suicidal. I just thought i'd write about it. Please r/r!

Poor Little Girl
Poor little girl
Such a shame that it happened
Seems such a waste, a horrible tragedy
Such a clever little girl
So pretty, so happy
So completely carefree
She had such a great future
Until she ended it all
For she loved him you know
And she thought he did too
But she saw him you see
Holding hands with another
And leaning down to kiss her
It seemed picturesque
To the unknowing eye
For they would not see nearby
Just around the corner
The little girls heart break
And the tears fall from her eyes
And her run into the night
And no one saw her later
With the blade in her hand
And no one saw her watch her life flow away
They found her in the morning
On the news, just another suicide
I wonder if he knows
How with just one foolish mistake
He broke a girl's heart
And ended her will to live