She's It

Love, I'm hurting at this moment,

Because I finally see I've lost this war,

I've lost you to another,

I lost as soon as she walked through the door,

But I now wave a white flag in surrender,

Because it's so simple for me to see,

That I'm not in your line of vision,

And you're falling for her so easily.

I've blindly accepted any excuse of yours,

But I've finally had enough of it,

I'm now opening my eyes and seeing,

She's simply your perfect fit.

Don't worry about me, my Dear,

I promise, I'll try not to cry for long,

Because it won't change facts,

And the fact that I was very wrong,

I should've listened to her in the first place,

I should've let her take you from the start,

I should've silently bowed out,

Instead of giving you a chance to break my heart,

But I've done the aftermath to find,

I've learned that she's it,

Add three of us, minus me, equal you,

And of course your perfect fit.