"Jevnah," Mortar said. His cold, eerie voice spreading and covering every inch of the room. He was sitting behind a wooden desk. The wood was from our own planet; fine, dark brown. Mortar was old, his beard was graying. He was young, for our race, but moving to this planet has changed our molecules. We age younger now, look older.

"Yes, Mortar," I encouraged, my voice shaking. I haven't been out of the ship since we first landed a week ago. I was scared, I'm afraid to say, about what could be out there. Some of our kind had quickly gotten off the ship, desperate and curious to find about this new discovery.

"It's time for you to get out." There was a pause, I stood looking directly into his familiar blue eyes. That's what we all had in common. We each looked different entirely, but all of our eyes were a rare shade of blue. "I know you're scared," he continued, "but there's nothing to be afraid of. Humans are interesting creatures. They have the most different traditions," Mortar paused and threw his head back in laughter. I could not see the the sense of it all but joined in a half-heartedly chuckle.

"Go now, experience this new beautiful world, Jevnah," he said. I gave a single hesitant nod and turned around in my heels. I walked towards the exit and the large metal doors opened automatically.

"Jevnah," Mortar said before I could leave. I looked over my shoulder towards him. He was smiling a compassionate, understanding smile. "Good luck," he finally said and I nodded once again.

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