A Thousand Times Ago
Aug. 5, 2008

Everything that changes
Is stuff I don't want to change
And stuff I want to change
Always stays the same

It isn't fair what happens
To innocent bystanders
Who all they want is to
Live up to other's standards

Hearts are scared unfairly
And I just can't see why
Life decided suddenly
To speed up and fly by

Let me live life slowly
And live it best I can
Right now I feel so lowly
A feeling I can't stand

These secrets that I keep
Stay with me to the grave
It's killing me inside
I wish it'd go away

Human instinct can't be helped
I wish it could although
I could stop all this pain
But I can't, I know

I'll live with this in secret
They will never know
How this pain nearly killed me
A thousand times ago.