You remember one small detail
One flaw in a masterpiece
A dying flame in a dark room
A picture one millimeter off
Hanging too low
Painted out of proportion, to your disliking
And one sad person trying to fix it
Just to make you smile.

You caress your model hands
Around the cold clay earth
Hoping to one day be just as delicate
Hoping to be breakable
As each tectonic plate is, and as each rain cloud
Hoping to squeeze your hand around your world
And destroy it
And to go with it.

You imagine an aching heart
Pulsing faster than any machine
To a steady rhythm that seems to cry
Whispering words to you, reaching out and asking
To be fixed.
You imagine small blue teardrops
Flowing down your face
Going down past your cheeks
And to your chest, and on.

You hold yourself at night
Smiling bitterly, holding the all-mighty knowledge
That you have everything
You could ever ask for.
Knowing that you have nothing left
To wish for
To hope for
And to try and achieve
Other than to forget perfection
And to be level.