Standing on a hill
I feel the thrill
Sun on my face
Green grass, trees, and blue skies
I give a shout of pure joy
No reason, really

I laugh

And then I know
It's time to fly
Leaping up, I start to run

I gain momentum

Green, yellow, purple, blue
Blurs everywhere
The trees ahead are the only thing clear
No people
Only trees and sun and sky
I keep gaining speed, hardly feeling the ground

Soon, I leap

I am soaring in the air
Passing startled birds
I grin down at the trees
No worries at all

And I go UP

I go through a small cloud
And the water droplets on me sparkle
I whoop
I am wearing the stars

Cities are now passing by
Big, flashy, important ones
I am going to the biggest and flashiest of them all

Still I go UP

My face is warmer now
I have lost the stars, but that's okay
I am reaching for bigger things

There it is!
The sun shines brighter than ever
The brightest star

I start to collect clouds
I sample one
Not bad
A bit airy
I laugh again

I have tried a piece of heaven

It is getting darker
Stars are coming out
I look down
The city looks like it is also full of stars

I do not want to come down

I want to ignore the voice
That tells me I must return
To duty, responsibility, and reality
I know I must return
But for now

I will fly