We were a little early for Donny's parents so we all strolled in the park for a while. There was a large pond with ducks and fish.

Is it just me or does that duck look like it has an afro?

Oh yeah. It does.

Saith gave Donny a shove then they were off, him chasing after her and her out running him like the tortoise and a hare.

She needs to try out for the track team at your school.

She doesn't like racing against people that are too slow.

Then maybe she should join the Justice League and race against The Flash.

That sounds about right.

I kept walking along the cement path with Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins as Donny and Saith got out of our range of vision.

Probably went to make out.



Um- I mean- To pick on little kids and make them cry while laughing maniacally at them! Yeah! That's what I meant!

...Okay, then.

"So, Sephen," Mr. Jenkins started as he placed his arm around Mrs. Jenkins. "Since you'll be taking the apprenticeship at my company, I suppose it's only right to keep you close to it. Just down the road from my building is a military boarding school that was designed and is maintained by my company. How would you like to be enrolled? That way you could just drive a short way after classes to get to work."

I was so enthusiastic on the inside but then I gave thought to something else.

"Is it all male or can Saith go with me?" I asked, a concerned expression showing clearly.

"Of course she can go. But there are two different dorm buildings. One for males and one for females. So you two won't be together. That's the only down side," he informed me.

Saith and I not even being in the same building after hours? Was that even possible?

Before I could further my thoughts, Mrs. Jenkins's voice chimed with delight.

"Carline! There you are!" she exclaimed to a woman walking towards us.

I looked up and tried hard not to turn and run off to kidnap Saith, tie her up in the trunk of the car, and take her back to the house to lock her in a room so she doesn't have to see who it was Mrs. Jenkins was getting friendly with. It was Carline Divain. Otherwise known as Mommy Dearest. And next to her was Jonathan Divain.

"Jonathan," Mr. Jenkins said kindly as he patted Jonathan on the shoulders. "It's good to see you here as well. How have things been in your department?"

"As good as ever. So, where's Donald at?" he asked.

Oh. Hell. Fuckin'. No.

They're Donny's adopted parents?

Jonathan and Carline were looking around, making a show of caring for Donny's whereabouts when they spotted me.

"Oh, hello again," Jonathan said with a big fake smile on his despicable face. "So you have your son with you," he noted, turning to Mr. Jenkins.

"Yes, I'd like you to meet my boy," Mr. Jenkins said while placing a hand on my shoulder.

"We've met," I scoured through gritted teeth. I couldn't help it. I just can't stand these bastards!

And just when things could get the worst of worst, they did. Saith and Donny came walking from the side of us.

"Hey, what's up?" Saith asked as she got closer. Then her eyes went to our used-to-be parents and she froze.

Her head went down a fraction of an inch. Her fists were clenched tight. Her jaw was clamped shut to keep it from shaking. Her breathing was off. She was completely pissed beyond pissed.

"Donald, who's this?" Carline asked, not noticing the rage in Saith's eyes.

And their ignorance of us totally hit a nerve. She lunged at them but I caught her half way through the air.


"Saith!" Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins shouted at the same time, disapproving and worried towards her actions.

I had to get a tight grasp of her arms to keep her from killing Jonathan and Carline. I think I was just about cutting off circulation in her arms but she wouldn't notice with the rage she had.

"Saith?" Carline asked, looking as though the name was vaguely familiar.

"Sephen," Mr. Jenkins said, "why is she acting like that?"

"Ask them," I said, practically spitting the word out.

The Jenkins turned to our "parents" with curious looks as I continued to try and keep Saith under control. Donny was at our side, trying to figure things out.

"What is this about?" Mr. Jenkins demanded from Jonathan.

Jonathan looked confused as he turned to me and Saith. He compared us and realization dawned.

"Sephen? Saith?" he asked, more to himself.

"You bastards!" Saith shouted.

"Mum? Dad? What's going on?" Donny asked, finally speaking.

Saith stopped struggling and turned to Donny. Then she turned back to Jonathan and Carline.

"You gave us up to go off and play with your money and then you adopt another kid?" she asked in total disbelief.

Mrs. Jenkins gasped.

"Your kids?" she asked Carline.

"What?" Donny asked, almost looking as though he was out of breath.

"How could you?" Saith asked in a soft voice. "How could you give up your own kids just to get another?" Then her voice became more harsh. "Are we nothing but toys to you?!"

Saith wrenched her arms from me and did something I've never seen or even believed she would do. She ran to Mrs. Jenkins and threw her arms around her, crying in her chest. Mrs. Jenkins wrapped her arms around Saith, holding her in a way we were in no way familiar with. She was holding her like only a mother could.

I looked over to Jonathan and Carline who looked like Saith's actions didn't faze them one bit.

"The only reason why we gave you up was because we couldn't handle your attitude," Carline said in a cold voice. "You were always getting into fights and destroying stuff."

"We had to leave Sephen with you just to keep you in line," Jonathan added.

All of us snapped a look at them.

"You're fired," Mrs. Jenkins said in an even voice.

"Excuse me?" Carline asked, taken aback.

"You both are," Mr. Jenkins said with a voice just as even as Mrs. Jenkins's and anger in his eyes just as I had.

Both Jonathan and Carline looked like they were about to growl and go rabid.

"Fine!" Carline barked. "Come on, Donald," she said as she turned on her expensive heels and began walking with Jonathan.

They both stopped and looked back at Donny who was rooted to his spot, completely flabbergasted.

"Come on!" she said more forcefully.

He looked over to Saith and then to me. I nodded my head in the "parent's" direction, letting him know that he should keep his distance from Saith right now and go with them.

He put his head down and headed towards them as they turned and continued off without waiting for him to get to their side.

I turned and headed to Saith who was still hiding her tear-soaked face in Mrs. Jen- uh...mom's chest. When I got to their side, they turned and we all began walking back to the Explorer. I grabbed Saith's hand and we walked like that. The way we used to back when we were kids. She had her other arm around mom and mom had her arm around Saith's shoulders. Dad put a hand on my shoulder.

If anything good came out of this whole drama, I'd have to say it was relinquish. We don't have to feel burdened with having our real parents out there somewhere. Now we can be an actual family.

How very inspirational of you.

And now that Saith's tamed, I don't need a second voice around telling me useless things.

Nice try but unfortunately I'm here to stay.


When we had gotten home, Saith finally (yet, reluctantly) let go of mom. Mom looked really sad about how Saith was feeling but she let Saith and I head to my room. Saith laid down on my bed as I stayed standing, trying to figure out if this was really my sister.

"Thanks for not letting me kill them," she finally spoke.

"No problem," I said with a sad smile.

We both new that I really wanted to let her go back there.

"You sure it was safe leaving Donny with those monsters?" Saith asked softly.

"I'm sure he'll be fine. Plus, I think it'll be good to give you two a little time apart," I told her without letting out that I was thrilled not to have him at her side constantly.

Saith gave a soft laugh.

"What?" I asked her.

"You make it sound like he's a boyfriend that you don't approve of," she said with a soft smile.

I just scoured at nothing in particular.

"I just don't like the way he's constantly with you," I told her.

Saith looked at me and busted out laughing. I was completely confused. She was laughing so hard that she had tears running down her cheeks again.

"What?" I asked.

"Sephen," she said, finally pulling herself together. "Donny's gay." And she laughed more.


Ho. Ly. Sh-