Now where was I?

Oh, yes! My life just got turned upside-down due to the weird ass people who have adopted us and my twin sis just scared the shit out of me about it by not doing anything, right?

Yeah, I thought so.

Well, I doubt life could get any worse.

Enter a meteor shower and a fat man in a thong named Bob.

You know, you have a weird imagination.

So I've been told.


Well, as the strange voice continued its rampage on trying to blind me with scary images - which I'll tell you I will never look at fruit cake the same way again - Saith and I began packing our things to leave and begin our new lives as 'the new Jenkins kids'. Yeah, this is gonna suck, ain't it?

Ain't isn't a word, you know.

Yes it is. It's in the dictionary. Look it up.

You mean you actually know a word from the dictionary?

Don't make me get a Q-tip!


That's what I thought

I continue packing, occasionally taking glances over at Saith. She hasn't said a word since we left the office and frankly, I'm fearing for my life right now.

"Saith? You ok?" I ask, cautious not to tick her off.

Hmm. Kinda like 'Do not anger the bears' type thing.

Yeah, somethin' like tha-

Huh? What's wrong?

She's glaring at me.

Huh? Whoa! That's one cold stare...

Yeah. I think I'm gonna piss myself.


"Hurry up and pack. Sgt. Kross wants to speak with us in his office afterwards," she says with a cold, even voice.

Damn this woman is freakin' scary.

Tell me about it.

Well one time, there was this guy who grabbed her a-

It was a rhetorical statement...



"You finished yet?" Saith asked from the doorway. Her two bags were tightly packed and at the door next to her.

You know, I thought it was some sort of woman's law to have a lot of shit?

...Actually, I'm gonna agree with you on that one.

"Yeah. Just a couple shirts more," I answer as she turns and walks out.

Hey, don't forget those Play Boys under your mattress.

Oh yeah. Thanks fo-HEY!

whistles innocently

"HURRY UP!" I hear Saith bellow from the hallway, causing me to jump. Damn that woman has some lungs on her.

"Comin'," I answer back.
I quickly just throw the rest of my crap into my school bag and run off to where she was standing.

Seconds later, we were standing at attention in Sgt. Kross' office.

"At rest," he commands lazily.

Wow...That's the fist time I heard him give a command without my ears ringing from it afterwards.

As told, we went to 'At rest'. (Which is basically 'At ease' but more relaxed and you're allowed to look around)

"Well, I suppose you're wondering why I called you in here," he says monotonously.

"Yes sir," I reply. Saith still doesn't look in the mood to, well, not yell.

"Well, I just wanted to wish y'all luck. Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins seem like nice people. And after enlightening them about you two, they seem as enthusiastic as ever to adopt y'all."

Huh? What does he mean by 'enlightening them about us'?

"What did you tell them?" Saith asks.

Whoa! I think my heart almost stopped

Yeah. She sounded so cold.

"Well, I told them how good of students you are. Some of your interests. And, well, about your mean streak. I mean, it would be kinda inhuman not to," he answered with a nervous chuckle.

Is it just me or does this guy say 'well' a lot?

Yeah. He said it, like, 4 times in the past 2 minutes.

You were counting?

Yeah. It's not like there's anything else to do in this empty head of yours.




"I suppose I should be going now. It's time for some more R.O.P.E.S training."

Sgt. Kross came over and gave us both a...a...A HUG?! This is so NOT the man I was raised by.

I think this split-up is fucking with his head.

After the mini love fest, Sgt. Kross left, not looking back.

'Cause he didn't want you to see him cry. Aww. How sweet. I think I'm gonna puke.

Will you shut the hell up?!


Huh? HOLY-!



Damn this woman's freakin' scary

...I concur O.O