He had a crooked grin. I never really understood that phrase, until I met him.

His mouth twisted over weirdly over his jaw whenever he smiled, giving him a sheepish quality, as if he was always embarrassed or shy. Absolutely endearing.

He was long and lanky, and had a way of hunching over when he walked that was strikingly reminiscent of Scar from Lion King. Oddly attractive.

Dark slivers of jet-black hair stuck up everywhere, giving his head a totally enchanting fluffy quality. Tantalizingly delightful.

His voice was almost squeaky. Not unbearably so, but enough that he wasn't intimidating. It went nicely with his whole I'm-really-cute-and-shy-and-fluffy aura anyway. Just my type.

Tall. Check. At least, taller than me.

Dark. Check. Dark hair. Dark eyes. Pale skin… but that wasn't important.

Handsome. Semi-disputable. I thought so.

I found myself lowering my head, trying to get another peek at him through the strands of my bangs.

Surrounded by a group of friends, he didn't seem at all aware of my intense scrutiny. Good. Now I could stare unabashedly… not.

I was a damsel in distress, but no amount of staring at said intriguing boy could solve my problems. No, my troubles transcended the petty realms of infatuation, and instead lay in the deep dark dungeons of unfinished homework.

Ahem, I thought furiously to myself. Today was not a good day to devote to stalking, I mean, staring, at the incredibly intriguing boy. In fact, today was perhaps the worst of all days to proceed with said activity. It wasn't my fault my eyeballs were drawn like magnets whenever I saw him… honestly.

I turned my attention back to my bright pink worksheet, which was due next period. Work, my brain screamed at me, and I dutifully penciled in a few words into the awaiting blanks. Only half concentrating on the actual worksheet however, my ears strained to eavesdrop on the conversation of you-know-who and his rowdy friends.

Actually. Scratch that. I wasn't eavesdropping. I just coincidentally happened to be sitting near them, and they were talking rather loudly. It wasn't my fault I had good hearing right? Right.

Sighing, I stared at my worksheet again, realizing that my brain had stopped functioning somewhere again. Augh.

"You're still doing that?"

I flinched, glancing up.

"It's very… awkward." I winced in embarrassment, as my fingers waved dismissively over the biology worksheet on human reproduction.

Boy-with-crooked-grin sent a helpful grin towards my direction.

"I already did mine. Need help?" he offered. Zing, my over-active imagination sparked, as I imagined a dashing hero raising up his sword to defend me against a gigantic purple evil dragon of doom.

My half-finished paper glared up at me in all its bright pink glory, reprimanding me about my seriously pathetic lack of productivity.

"Nah", I mumbled, staring at the wall past his shoulders. Must-not-look-him-in-the-eyes, must-not-acknowledge-guilty-thoughts. Must-deny-stalker-status. "It's okay, I'll figure it out myself."

Ten minutes later, I was still staring fruitlessly into space, and flipping occasionally through my massive binder of course notes, trying to fill in the remaining five blank squares of the horrendously awkward worksheet.

I glanced at my watch. 5 more minutes. Crap.

But I was productive this time, my brain whined, as if it had any right to complain after all the distractions it had put me through.

I sighed heavily, feeling the heavy weight of my own stupidity on my shoulders. Why hadn't I just done the homework last night at home, like I should have?

"Okay. Fine. Let me see yours." I groaned, caving in to my independent stubborn pride.

He flashed a dazzling triumphant grin. I told you so, his eyes said as they caught the illumination of the classroom lights. I choked a little as my heart suddenly jumped into my throat.

After scribbling down the answers to the remainder of the questions, I shoved his homework back at him.


That was the bell.

All chaos broke loose as a mass of thirty students headed towards the door.

"Thanks." I smiled at him genuinely, seeing my own relieved face reflected in his dark eyes. Roughly 0.01 of my biology grade was saved by his scrawled answers, now transcribed neatly onto my own paper. The homework monster of doom was slain by my noble hero.

A slim shoulder lifted up and down as he slung his backpack over his shoulder. He bent over to pick up his papers, and for a brief second I was presented with top-class view of that very scruffable black head. Then, he straightened up again, and grinned at me with that crocked grin.

"No problem."

I watched him go.

The sunlight shimmering through the door cast his figure in a striking silhouette, framed by a halo of light. I took time to appreciate the beauty of the moment, to marvel at the boy that stood in the doorway, to bask in the glory of my now finished homework, and to silently thank my knight in shining armor.