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Chapter Two

After Jeremy finished explaining the room to Logan (i.e. "There's the adjoining bathroom…"), he walked across the hallway and into his room. He shut the door and sat back at his desk, signing on to AOL Instant Messenger. Right when he signed on, one of his best friends' window popped up.

IGS the MAN: yo, you wanna go out tonight

jeremycastor: sorry, can't

IGS the MAN: dude, its fucking friday night!

jeremycastor: I know but the live-in babysitter just got here

jeremycastor: knowing my mom, we're probably gonna do something

IGS the MAN: what was his name? logan pierce?

jeremycastor: yea. logan's just unpacking right now

jeremycastor: shit mann

IGS the MAN: o.O what happened?!

jeremycastor: youre not gonna believe it

IGS the MAN: what what what what what!

IGS the MAN: tell me, foo

jeremycastor: you guys will probably get to meet logan later anyway.

jeremycastor: once you do, youll know what i'm talking about

"Jeremy! Jeremy, please come down here!"

jeremycastor: gtg, mom is calling me

IGS the MAN: later dude

Auto response from jeremycastor: away.

"What, mom?"

"Jeremy, sweetheart, we're all going out to CPK's. Let Logan know and help your brother get ready."

Jeremy nodded and turned to go back upstairs. In just a nice polo and dark blue jeans, Jeremy was already dressed for the occasion so he just picked up his wallet and keys from his room and proceeded to let Logan know before going to Jake.

Her door was still open with her back to him. Her suitcase was open on her bed but she wasn't unpacking. Instead, she just stood there. Her body was angled so that Jeremy could see that she was staring at a picture frame.

Jeremy lightly knocked on the doorframe. Logan spun around hugging the picture frame to her chest.

"We're going out to eat. Casual dress," was all he needed to say.

"Oh, okay. Well, I'm already ready." She the picture frame down, facing up, on her suitcase and passed Jeremy as she walked out.

Jeremy stared at her back for a few moments until she started down the stairs. He walked into her room and looked at the picture frame, without touching it. He was looking at a smiling Logan; she wore a red halter dress and light make up, her hair was up and she was sitting next to an older guy. Boyfriend or not, he couldn't tell; he had short, spiky brown hair with a long face instead of the oval one of Logan. Studying closer, he saw that they had the same almond-shaped eyes and the same smile. Has to be a relative, he mused. He looked at the setting and noticed that they were at a restaurant, and then he noticed the graduation cap resting on the table. Graduation dinner; must not have been too long ago.

He tore his eyes away and went to help Jake get ready.

"Logan," John started once they finished ordering their pizzas. "Teresa has only mentioned a few things about you. Why don't you tell us about yourself?" It wasn't a question.

"Oh, well. I was born and raised in New York City. Right now, I'm only seventeen. And—"

"—you're only seventeen?" John interrupted.


"If I understand correctly, you are supposed to be a full time live-in babysitter. What about school?"

She chuckled nervously. "Uh, well. I was accepted into NYU and I'm supposed to attend this fall but…there were…sudden financial problems that I couldn't quite overcome," she said carefully. "So I'm planning to just take the year off and work for the money so I hopefully, I'll be accepted again and I'll have the money for tuition."

"But even after you—" Teresa cut him off with a small jab in the ribs and a rough shake of her head.

"So Logan, if you don't mind my asking," Teresa said, "why do you dress in men's clothing?"

"Honey! It's perfectly fine for her to dress like that! Don't pry." John came to her rescue but it seemed that he was saying that more for his benefit then for hers. Jeremy knew this and rolled his eyes.

"I like your clothes, Logan!" Jake piped. Logan smiled and nodded her thanks. After that, the food arrived and they began to eat.

Logan was in her room and continued to unpack. The dinner was fairly uneventful but nice either way. John and Teresa would occasionally ask Logan questions and Jake would add in his two cents too. Jeremy only spoke when spoken to, and even then, they were all short answers.

While she unpacked, she pondered why Jeremy was so quiet. Logan knew that she was good looking and knew that he was good looking as well. But that's what she wasn't here for, she didn't want to get romantically involved with him but despite that, she couldn't help but feel a little put down from his lack of interest. Friendly interest at least. She was hoping they could be friends.

She was finally done unpacking and looked at the time; it was only 8:05 p.m. but 12:05 a.m. in New York. She usually slept really late anyway, plus the time she slept on the plane, she wasn't very sleepy or tired.

Feeling dirty, sticky, and hot, she took a nice, cool shower. She towel-dried her hair as much as possible and dressed in a one-size-too-big t shirt and basketball shorts. She pulled out her laptop to check her e-mail. Realizing that she needed internet, she went downstairs and found John in the kitchen.

"Mr. Castor?"

"John," he insisted with a smile. It seemed that he was starting to warm up to her. "How can I help you?"

"I want to e-mail my parents to let them know that I've settled in and everything. I have my own laptop."

"Ah, okay. Well, we do have wireless internet connection but Jeremy knows more about that than I do." Before Logan could leave, Teresa walked into the kitchen.

"Oh, Logan. Come, sit. I'd like to discuss this live-in babysitter arrangement a bit more." Logan nodded and took a seat the kitchen table sitting next to Teresa (who was sitting next to John). "You'll only need to babysit during the week. That's about 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. Jeremy has morning classes at UCLA during the week until about 12 noon. He also works from 2 to 7 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays."

"Jeremy works? At where?"

"He works at the bookstore. Anyway, John and I work at the office from 8 in the morning until 6 in the evening. So that's when you'll need to babysit Jake—he usually wakes up around 7. Neither of us work on the weekends but sometimes, we may need to run some errands. Your hours for those will count too. Now about your salary," she looked to her husband and he nodded, "instead of the 500 dollars a week that we originally planned on. We've decided to pay you double. 20 dollars an hour." At this, Logan had to protest.

"Oh, wow. That's really not necessary and it's too much!"

"Now, now. I've been told that you are very good with children and you are very responsible—" I didn't need to ask who told her that. "—and after hearing your financial situation for school, me and John think it is very appropriate," she finished with finality and one of those 'you will not argue me' tones.

"Then…thank you so much! I really do appreciate it," Logan said giving Teresa and John a hug. "Is there anything else?"

"No, that's all," she smiled.

Logan was so happy, that she couldn't wait until the next year. With the money she'd be saving, she be able to pay all four years at NYU (with the help of financial aid, of course). "Good night!"

Instead of going into her room, she stopped in front of Jeremy's door and knocked. A muffled 'come in' was heard and she opened the door and found him sitting at his desk, typing away at the computer.

"Hey Jeremy, could you set up the wireless internet for my laptop?"

He spun around on his chair. "Yea, sure, give me a few minutes."

"Okay." She closed his door and went into her room (leaving the door open) and sat at her own desk, where the laptop was on.

A few minutes later, Jeremy walked in and wordlessly leaned over to start working his laptop. She sat there awkwardly and completely aware of how close they were. He was basically invading her personal space but she didn't want to say anything. She could tell that he took a shower too; she caught the scent of Axe body wash.

Logan signed dreamily. She couldn't help it that she found guys who had pleasing scents hot. It was such a turn on for her.

Now, she took the time to study him. He was very handsome; she'd be lying if she said that she wasn't attracted to him.

Jeremy merely turned his head to look at her and raised an amused eyebrow, "Like what you see?" he smirked and turned back to the laptop. "Done," he said after a few short moments and left the room before she could thank him. She just rolled her eyes.

She sighed and logged onto her e-mail account.



Hi mom! Hi dad! Just wanted to let you know that I had a safe trip and I've already settled in. The Castors are really great, I can't believe I actually got this babysitting gig! But yeah, we went out to dinner to a pizza place. Really surprising because I was expecting an fancy restaurant but it's all good. I'm going to have set up a banking account because they'll be paying me by checks and you know how I hate using cash all the time. I'm gonna need a debit card.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know how I'm doing. I miss you both!



She hit send then signed onto AIM and clicked on Matthew Linnex's screen name.

pierce my heart: matthewww!


IM METRO SO WHAT: how is everything!

pierce my heart: everything's pretty good, actually.

pierce my heart: dude, but when I first got here. Oh man. Haha

IM METRO SO WHAT: what happened?

pierce my heart: well, apparently mrs. castor didn't tell her family that i'm a freaking girl -.-

pierce my heart: so jeremy, the oldest son, and mr. castor couldn't believe that I was girl.

pierce my heart: it's like, hello! it's pretty obvious that i AM a girl!


IM METRO SO WHAT: cut them some slack

IM METRO SO WHAT: with you wearing your bro's clothes and using that name

IM METRO SO WHAT: well, i don't blame them

pierce my heart: whateverr. jake likes me. so that's all that matters. lol

IM METRO SO WHAT: jake is the kid?

pierce my heart: yea.

IM METRO SO WHAT: well, that's good. lol. anyways, i'm gonna sleep.

IM METRO SO WHAT: you should too. good night babe.

IM METRO SO WHAT signed off at 9:16:27 PM.

Logan sighed and signed off as well then turned off her laptop. She took Matthew's advice and went to sleep after brushing her teeth. Tomorrow, she'd need to go the bank.

The next morning, she woke up around eight in the morning. She brushed her teeth, took another shower, and blew dry her hair and dressed in her baggy jeans and a t shirt. That was her daily morning routine.

When she entered the kitchen, she saw Teresa and John sitting at the kitchen table each with a cup of coffee and a newspaper in their hands.

"Good morning," she said with a smile. They greeted her and they offered her to eat anything that was in the kitchen. She found where the bowls and spoons were kept and took out a box of cereal and milk. After she was done eating, she asked Teresa and John where the nearest bank was.

"There's a Bank of America on Wilshire Blvd." John explained. "I'm sure Jeremy can take you."

"You're sure Jeremy can take you where?" Jeremy asked as he walked into the kitchen, beginning to make cereal for himself.

"Logan needs to go to the bank, set up a banking account. I said you could take her."

"I was actually just planning on walking there myself, it's really okay. I don't need a ride," she said before Jeremy could say anything.

"Don't be silly, dear! Jeremy can take you. Right, Jeremy?" said Teresa.

"Uh, well actually I have to go to the bookstore to get some things," he said. "But I can drop you off at the bank then pick you up afterwards."

"Oh. I guess that's fine. Okay, thanks. When can we leave?"

"In about five minutes."

Logan nodded and quickly went up to her room to gather what she needed for the bank—that included 300 that she'd need to make an initial deposit.

Jeremy drove them to the bank in his silver Lexus. The entire drive was silent; the radio wasn't even turned on.

"So..." she didn't know what to say. "You work at the bookstore, huh?" Jeremy glanced at her.

"Yea, I do."

"Why do you work? It's not like you need the money." He glanced at her again.

"I like working. Takes my mind off—" Jeremy stopped himself from saying anything else, as if he said too much.

"Takes your mind off what?" She knew she was being nosy but she didn't care.

He glanced at her again but, this time, with a raised eyebrow. "We're here," he said when they came to stop in front of a shiny tall building.

Way to evade, Jeremy, she thought but let the subject drop. They exchanged cell phone numbers; Logan was to call Jeremy when she was ready to be picked up.

Opening the glass doors to the bank and looking down in her pockets to make sure she had what she needed, she didn't see the redhead coming her way.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Logan said then she looked up to see who it was. Then she did a double take. "Olivia?!"


"Uh, I actually go by Logan now, but yeah. What are you doing here!"

Olivia Fox had went to the same high school that Logan did, back in New York, and graduated together just a few months ago. Being 5' 5", Olivia was just an inch shorter than Logan. She had beautiful red hair that fell against her back and a slim figure from cross country and track, she ran in the same circle as Logan did. Needless to say, they were fairly good friends.

"I'm going to UCLA in the fall. What about you? I thought you were going to NYU?"

Logan chuckled. "Yea, well, after…you know…it's just kind of a long story." Olivia smiled sadly.

"Tell me about it. Well, hey," she brightened up, "Why don't we have lunch together sometime and catch up?"

"That'd be great! But I'm busy during the week. Are you free tomorrow?"

"Actually, yea I am. I'll pick you up, say, 11:30?"

Logan grinned, "Sounds great."

They exchanged cell phone numbers and Logan gave her the address.

"See you tomorrow!" she said before going out the door.

Logan was finally done with setting up an account at the bank. After she arranged for a debit card to be sent to her, she walked outside with her cell phone in hand. She was just about to dial Jeremy's cell phone number and she saw him leaning against his car that was parked against the curb. But in front of him was a leggy blonde wearing a mini skirt and a hand on her hips. Jeremy looked pissed and uneasy at the same time.

Jeremy and Logan made eye contact and his eyes held the universal sign that said 'help me.' She raised her eyebrow at this but looked down at what she was wearing. She couldn't very well piss off the blonde or at least make her jealous but she would try. Her jeans weren't too baggy; she loosened her belt then pulled the jeans down low on her hips, making sure that the red lace of her underwear could be seen. Then she lifted up her shirt to reveal her flat stomach, tying it in the back. She pulled her hair out of her ponytail, ran her hand through it a couple times and licked her lips. She was ready.

The blonde had her back to Logan so she couldn't see Logan walking towards them. When Jeremy noticed her swaying her hips, his eyes widened a little in surprise but quickly masked it with a smirk. He gave her a once-over when the blonde turned around to look at who had caught his attention.

"Hey Jeremy," Logan purred, resting her left hand against his hard chest as she leaned against his side. She tucked her right hand in the back pocket of his jeans; she noticed his sharp, but quite, intake of breath. She smiled seductively at him then looked at the furious blonde. "Who's your friend?"

Jeremy had to clear his throat. "Logan, baby, this is Shawna Rey, my ex girlfriend. Shawna, this is my girlfriend, Logan Pierce."

Logan took her hand off his chest to shake Shawna's but when Shawna didn't move to, she just raised both her eyebrows slightly and rested her hand on his chest again.

"I've heard so much about you," Shawna sneered.

"Really?" she began with a sickening sweet smile. "I can't say the same."

Shawna glared at her. "Nice clothes," she spat. "Where'd you get it, a thrift store?"

Logan raised an eyebrow. "Does it matter? Makes him hot," she said the latter part, glancing at Jeremy.

Logan watched with the same expression on her face as Shawna huffed and puffed and stalked away.

"Wow, she's a bitch. You really know how pick 'em," Logan commented, still looking in the direction Shawna had gone. Jeremy cleared his throat once again and Logan looked back at him. "What?"

"Enjoying your position?" he smirked at her. She just rolled her eyes.

"Oh, please. You know you like it," she whispered in his ear, lips almost touching him. Then with a light squeeze of his butt, she unattached himself from her and proceeded to fix her clothing. When she was done, she looked up and caught his gaze. "What?"

"Nothing," he said nonchalantly as he walked to the driver's side of the car and got in. "Come on, let's go."

Jeremy had to admit that Logan was right. The way she wore the men's clothing when they were with Shawna, it did make him hot. It was only then, when she was fixing her clothes, did he notice her appearance.

She had long, soft brown hair that reached her belly button with side-swept bangs. Her oval shaped face and high cheek bones made her slimmer and lean than she already was. She had light brown eyes with dark brown specks in them, natural tanned skin, a slender nose, and full but not fat lips. He could only assume that from her flat stomach and lean arms, she did sports in high school. When she let herself actually look like a girl, she was beautiful.

During the drive back home, he had asked Logan if she was Asian.

"Three-fourths Chinese and a fourth Caucasian," was her answer.

In Jeremy's books, mixed girls were hot. But he had to silently scold himself. After the debacle with Shawna, he wasn't ready to take on a new relationship just yet.

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