"Are you sure Geoffrey won't mind me using his bed?"

"I'm positive – by the way you might want to read this book. I know you're half way through yours but you might find this one very interesting."

"Oh ... ok thanks... I think."

"Oh no trust me you will be thanking me after you've read it."

"Sure Michael."

My First Memory:

My first memory is of her. My pre-primary best friend was having a birthday party. I noticed a girl who must have been a 'little kid' – only 3.

She was swaying and smiling.

"What are you doing?" I asked curiously.

"Lithening to moosic," she tilted her head, "I'm Remy."

"I'm Geoffrey," I remember looking around, "There's no music anywhere."

"Yes there isth – itsth everywhere. You just need to lithen." With that she grinned at me and toddled off. I think it was then that she showed me a new way of life and had stolen my heart.

She had just turned 6. I was almost 8. Even though there was a bit of an age gap we were still pretty good friends. I was her protector.

She had been bullied by a boy in her year – he had literally picked her up and thrown her about 4 metres. I was the first to reach her, as she was sitting up with tears in her eyes. "Geoffrey?"

"Yes?" I asked.

"Don't hurt him; he didn't mean to hurt me," I looked at her in pure shock when she said this.

"Rem, he threw you!"

"Yep –but he didn't mean to hurt me and I don't want you to get in trouble."

I hugged her until the teacher came to take her to sick bay – I want her back in my arms.

She had been running her whole faction at the school swimming carnival –at the age of 11 - (making sure people were ready for their races and finding replacements for people who were away) but had forgotten to reapply sunscreen.

"Owww" she moaned as she went to lie down on the couch.

"You ok?" I remember asking her.

We talked for a little while after that. I offered to rub some Alovera cream into the sun burn. He skin felt so soft. She let out this little sigh – the cream must have helped. Her body started to sag.

"Remy? Are you ok?"

She didn't reply; she was asleep. I held her in my arms and let her rest her head on my chest. Her beautiful blonde hair tickled my nose...

Another of our family get togethers. She was even quieter than normal; she replied in mono-syllables when anyone tried to talk to her. Finally Justin asked her what was wrong.

"I have just gotten back from a funeral. I spent most of the day trying not to ball my eyes out and helping my friend not break down. You guys usually don't care if I talk or not anyway so please piss off."

I was really shocked – she has never been that rude in her life I swear! But I saw tears in her eyes and I'm pretty sure I saw a tear fall onto her book.

She looked better than last time – though her brother told me that she had lost two more people and her horse since I last saw her.

She even smiled and said she would join in when the others suggested a game of Pictionary. She ended up on a team with Troy – a friend of mine and her brothers – and her best friend's older sister, Katy. Katy gave up but Troy and Remy made the perfect team and ended up winning by far. She was so crazy with her guesses ... which I guess you would need to be with Troy's drawings. Who knew that a not very well drawn circle with arrows around it could be The Rolling Stones?

I'm glad she managed to have fun for a night – even if it meant my heart cracked every time she smiled at Troy.

I missed the chance to tell her how I feel.

Christmas Get-together:
I was too nervous to even say hi. I managed to introduce the exchange student staying with us to her but after that no words would come out of my mouth.

She seemed a bit upset but didn't say anything about it to anyone.

She stole my breath when I saw her strip off her skirt and singlet to reveal a plain black bikini. Her body had changed a lot since the last time we had been swimming together.

I 'accidentally' brushed past her in the pool – her skin is just as soft as I remember it.

She and my exchange student got along quite well – they spent most of that night talking. She knew a little bit of French and I think he was happy to get away from the crowd and be able to talk in his

language. There was one point that night that I was wishing I had never introduced the two of them; she was blushing and they were almost holding hands.

I missed another chance to tell her how I feel.

New Years Eve/ Early hours of New Years:
She beat me at Sing-Star, though that may have been because she knew the song really well – so she said. I think she was just trying to make me feel better because she can actually sing...

She spent a lot of time with the guy on exchange – some times translating for him when they were in a group or talking (English and French) about lots of different things.

She seemed really tired – she was curled up on the couch watching music videos at 11pm.

Josh – a friend of mine and of her brothers – was talking about what makes a girl hot or beautiful. I have to admit he was being shallow. She turned to him and said "There is no such thing as beauty, so can you please be quiet or go away?"

Josh being Josh stayed where he was and was about to say something rude when I asked her what she meant.

"Beauty is a perception – people see beauty differently and so there can't be a universal definition and really there is no such thing as beauty and people can't be ugly either because to someone else that person someone has labelled ugly is the most beautiful person in the world."

She has a completely different way of seeing people, of seeing life.

I missed another chance to tell her how I feel.

The exchange student that was staying with us; the one I was so ... jealous I guess would be the word about – he told me that they had been talking about me – she likes me!
He had figured it out at the Christmas get-together! And he said he had also realised that I liked her. I am so glad that he came! And that I had introduced them!

The next page of the diary was a little different – it wasn't a single entry; it had photos and sentences or phrases that had collected over time. It was a page that showed how he saw her, what he thought of her and what he thought of her view on the world.

She told me today that if you look hard enough there is truth in every lie and lies in every truth. Its a pretty morbid way of looking at it but she said its the truth – the truth is the most beautiful yet most horrendous thing in the whole world

You can not hate people; you can not understand things about them or you can see things you don't like about you in them but you should never hate someone. Try to understand why they are like they are then maybe you will like them more.

You don't have to like everyone – I know that I don't always like some people but to stop everything evil you have to love everyone. There is a big difference between the two...

He walked into his room and pulled off his shirt then glanced at his bed.

"Remy! What are you doing?!" Geoffrey exclaimed as he stared at her his eyes wide with disbelief as she looked at his chest. Then she looked up.

She grinned at him, "I'm flying to the moon while playing table tennis with my pet tiger."

He sighed, "I didn't mean what are you doing, I meant why are you in here?"

"It's quiet and Michael said you wouldn't mind," She paused, "Do you?"

"No its fine I just didn't expect to see you here. What are you reading?"

She hid the book under her leg as subtlety as she could, "Just something Michael gave me."

Geoffrey looked suspicious, "Michael doesn't read novels."

"It's a true story – in diary form," Remy shifted awkwardly.

Geoffrey's eyes widened in realisation, "He gave you my diary?!"

"I didn't know it was your diary when he gave it to me! But then I opened it and there was a picture of us on the first page... I was curious."

He looked at her, his expression suddenly blank. "How much did you read?"

"All except the last page," she answered honestly.


She looked at him, confused. "What?"

He smiled, "If you had read the last page it would have told you what I was going to do and that would spoil the ending for you."

"What are you going to d-?" She started to ask before his lips covered hers. It was soft and sweet. Remy ran her hands through his hair as he started to run his hands over her back.

Someone cleared their throat and the two quickly jumped apart. Michael stood in the doorway, "If I had known this would have happened I would have given your diary to her a long time ago so you wouldn't have been so grumpy after each 'missed chance'." He paused and looked at Remy, "Trust me he can get very grumpy."

"Michael – the only reason I'm not trying to kill you know is Mum wouldn't like blood on the carpet and I wouldn't want Remy to be charged as an accessory. Go away now."

Michael grinned at his brother, "Sure thing – did you know both sets of parents were betting how long it would take the two of you to get together? Mum's annoyed because she thought you would get together on New Years – especially because of the way you were looking at her at Christmas. She lost a bit of money." He turned to Remy. "He couldn't take his eyes off you in a bikini – which I have to say is a pretty good look for you..."

His only answer was a book thrown at him. "Ok, ok, ok I'm going!"

Well thanks to his brother Geoffrey finally told Remy what she had been dreaming about him telling her for years. Maybe younger siblings do have some use in the world...