A poem. By I, Andie! C: Tell me what y'all think about it!

Heart Beat

My heart beats slowly,

It beats to its own tune.

It beats not caring,

Not caring what others do;

But then I met you.

And different wasn't accepted,

It changed,

Everything changed.

My heart didn't beat to its own tune;

Not any more.

It beat with the others;

All together,

All the same:

Bum babum, bum babum.

Just so I could be accepted,

Just to be loved,

My heart changed,

Changed from what I wanted to be.

To be something that someone else wanted,

To be something,

Something that's not me;

It might have been okay,

If you had loved me too,

But you didn't.

You used me.

So my heart broke.

It stopped beating the tune,

Stopped beating to your melody.

My heart was broken,

Cracked down the middle,

Just because I thought you were something,

Something that disserved my time,

That cared about me,

That liked me for what I was.

I thought you were the one,

The one who had the different beat too;

You weren't.

Look where loving has gotten me now,

Look at all the heart break,

Instead of beating to its own beat my heart broke.

There was no heart left to beat,

It was no more.

My heart has been broken,

It has no beat.

My heart is dead.