Apocalypse of Two

Here we number our cities

No Pittsburgh

No Warsaw

No Kalamazoo

Just numbers

We number our cities

Because we

Lack creativity.


Hard-to-spell names

Of hard-to-pronounce

Places are a waste of time

A superfluous waste of time

So much easier, really

For us to number them.

First our Capital, City One

All business there, no place for fun

We always must whisper

For fear we will disappear

(It's happened before; walls have superior hearing)

Next is City Three

Where only 20 of the citizens are free

(the other 80 are indentured servants).

The ruling class does nothing but play

While the working class toils all day

(It's said that the 20 are inbred)

The worst to live in is City Four.

Why? It's infested with the poor.

Their eyes invoke pity and guilt

So it was ordered they were to be removed (the eyes, that is).

The blind lead the blind, who lead the blind, who step upon the blind

The next to worse is City Five.

Where you can only get high and jive.

Prisoners to their own


Cursed to dance in their own


(Many may enter but few will leave)

Oh wait, I forgot all

About City Two.

A shame. It would've been

Perfect for you

Not too small, not too

Sprawling, to live in Two

Was any man's dream (mine too)

Utopia? Almost

Apocalypse? Now:

It had the order of One

The freedom Three lacked

A fraction the poor Four had in droves

The numbers of Five

The leader of One


That Two was too much

He had the ruling class of Three

Use their servants to create weapons

Of mass destruction



The numbers of Four (for once they were many)

Created a Legion who were given these weapons

Of mass destruction



The junkies of Five funded this war; surely they could afford


And so, with their powers combined,

They struck.

The war was both long and short

In the end:

Five's populous continued their druggy shuffle

Four's economy was destroyed, their numbers were depleted

Three's ruling class nearly lost their copious labor class

Two was destroyed

One was pleased

We number our cities here, because, you see, it makes it

That much easier, when we rebuild