"Hello? ... Hello? I swear if you hang up on me again I will hunt you down, skin you alive then incinerate what's left of you-"

"Um... sorry is Tim there?"

"Oh sorry... it's just I've gotten so many hang-up calls lately... I'll get him for you..."

He heard her yell Tim's name.

"He's coming, I'm really sorry – can you please not tell Tim?"

"It's ok really and I promise I won't tell him. Who are you?"

"One of his sisters. Here he is – bye!"

He could just hear her talking to Tim. "Phone for you – don't know who it is."

"Thanks," Tim said. "Hello?"

"Did you just say thanks?"

"Haha funny," Tim replied sarcastically.

"You never mentioned you had a sister."

"Really? Yeah I have – I told you my sister plays World of Warcraft for me."

"Yeah but the girl that answered the phone said she was one of your sisters."

Tim hesitated, "Yeah I have two sisters. The one you spoke to goes to PLC."

"What grade is she in?"

"Why are you so curious," Tim retorted before sighing. "She's a year younger than us."

"Why didn't you tell anyone? Wouldn't someone have figured it out by now?"

"She and I don't look alike; I'm tall she's short, I have brown eyes she has green, I have olive skin and she is really pale and she has really light blonde hair where you know mine is a dark brown. I didn't tell anyone because no-one asked. James Campbell knows because his sister is friends with mine."

"No one randomly asked if you had a sister at a boarding school nearby? Please excuse me if I'm not surprised."

"What did you call me for?" Tim asked impatiently.

"Wait: Is she the girl that came into our boarding house in year 9; the one you beat up Brody for wolf whistling at? The one in year 10 that helped you out of the boarding house when you were throwing up and gave you a water bottle afterwards? Who then helped you into the car and wiped your face? Who helped you bring your stuff in at the start of this year? Shit! Was she the girl who gave Xavier a black eye in year 8?"

"Yes! Though he deserved more than a black eye; he was trying to feel her up but she wouldn't let me touch him." Tim suddenly chuckled, "Then as he was acting smug she turned around and smiled at him ... and punched him then very sweetly said 'Shut up'. I have to say it was funny. I didn't want anyone trying that on her again so I pretend she doesn't exist."

"From the sound of it she doesn't really need someone to protect her."

"She's a romantic – well kind of. She loves everyone, yeah she might dislike some people but she can not hate. She's the oddball of the family 'cause the rest of us are good at keeping grudges. I'm more worried that she'll do something stupid because she's found 'the one'."

"What? Like sleep with them?"

Tim laughed, "That's the only thing I'm not afraid of happening – she's like you with the religious thing which I still don't get because no one else in my family is. Anyway do you know that cheat for..."

Tim started to tell him more and more about her. Just little things like how she was planning to do medicine at Uni. How she played as many sports as she could possibly do. How she tutored about 5 of the people a year below her and how she loved kids and was forever babysitting their neighbours when they were home.

He and Tim are at a party when he suddenly stops, "That's her there; the blond dancing in the green dress."

He gasped, "She's-"

Tim interrupted him, "She hates it when people call her hot and I don't need to hear it thanks."

"She's not hot, that would be like calling Mount Everest a volcano she's beautiful."

She turned just as he said that, he face lighting up into a smile. She gave a small nod then went back to dancing.

"You two already have an admirer! Wow you're lucky! She's pretty hot, though she would look better if her boobs were bigger."

He was about to do something violent to the guy who had just said that; a guy that went to school with them, when Tim grabbed his arm and pulled him away.

"It's ok; she wouldn't dance – or do anything else – with him if he asked her. She is a good judge of character. You're starting to be more protective then I am."

She spun around when some one tapped her on the shoulder. "Yes?"

It took him a second to get his breath back; her smile was incredible. "Um... wou- would you like to dance?" he stuttered.

She bit her lip and looked down shyly. "Sure."

"You're from Chisim Boys School aren't you?"

He looked surprised, "How did you know?"

"I've seen you there and you were talking with Tim before and I know all his friends from home."

"What school are you from?"

She laughed, "I bet you know already – just like I bet you know my name."

He rubbed the back of head ruefully then put his arm back around her. "Ok maybe I know which school you go to and a couple of other things but he never told me your name."


"Char? That's a ... different name."

"Short for Charlotte; I only use my full name for formal occasions. Are you going to tell me your name?"


"Short for Anthony?"

He winced, "Only my Grandma calls me that."

She laughed. "I'm sorry for before."


"When you called Tim; I'm sorry I wouldn't skin you alive or any of the other things I threatened you with. I was a little annoyed."

Before he could reply someone interrupted. "You threatened to skin him alive?"

She grinned at the guy standing next to Tony. "I was getting really sick of all the prank calls I was receiving...I thought it was another prank call so I ... made a few threats."

Tim laughed, "No wonder he was interested in you."

Tony started stuttering, "I wasn't... I wasn't being stalkerish... I ... I just-"

She interrupted him with a grin, "Its ok we're even now; I threatened you and you stalked me."

"No you're not!" Tim turned to tony. "She stalked you too!"

"I did not..."

"So some of the questions you asked weren't stalkerish at all?"

"What questions?" she looked at her brother in surprise. "I haven't spoken to you in ages!"

"The questions I found on James's phone?"

"Oh those," she looked relieved. "Those were about Benson."

Tony went to walk away; she didn't like him after all. He was stopped by a hand on his wrist.

"I was asking them because I know that he likes my friend and my friend really likes him." She paused and smiled at him. "What are you doing next Saturday?"

Tim looked suspicious as Tony answered. "Nothing, why?"

"Stalking isn't nearly as bad a crime as threatening, so I was thinking to make it up to you we could watch a movie or something on Saturday."

"I woul-" Tim interrupted Tony.

"Char! You're asking my friend out in front of me!"

"Oh I'm sorry," she turned to Tony. "He's a little old fashioned – could you ask me out instead?"

Tim gaped as Tony laughed, "I can do one better..."

Tim ended up fainting as Tony kissed Char

And because this is a story... they all lived:

Happily ever after

–The end –

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