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Hate me

He grabs the front of her shirt, yanking her to her feet. Blood drips from her hands, splatters her knees, marrs the face he always sees in his dreams. Blood slides from her lips onto his straining, shaking hands. Blood that falls alone only because she hasn't tears left to cry.

"Hate me," he hisses. He glares into those beautiful eyes, haunted with sadness, guilt and a feeling he will never admit to seeing.

She says nothing.

Savagely, he grasps her chin, forcing her to look behind her, to see the twisted, broken body of the only 'friend' who had ever gotten close enough to deserve that name. He rakes his fingers through her blood-matted hair, to remind her of her own suffering, her own pain.

They both know which hurts her more.

And still, she is silent.

"Hate me!" he screams, a horrible, keening sound that rips from his throat, revealing more of that scared, desperate person inside him than he ever wanted anyone to know.

She gazes at him, and a tired, flickering hatred creeps into her eyes. When she speaks, her voice is so soft; her words seem to fly on the light breeze.

"If there's…anyone to hate, it's…it's me."

He stared at her, uncomprehending, confused. He doesn't understand her, won't understand her, can't understand her. It hurts too much to understand.

A flame seems to burst to life somewhere within her. She seems to grow warmer, more alive. Strange, that something as black as hatred could push us to live on. To live on even if that cursed, cold existence is not living at all.

"I hate myself. I hate myself because even if you hurt, if you killed everything and anyone I ever cared about, even if you took away all the light and left me with the cold, nothing…nothing would change."

He wants to close his eyes, to not have to look into those intense orbs that always light up, soften when he is near.

"Even if you killed me, with my last breath, I would…I would still love you!"

He wants to close his eyes, but he can't, can't look away.

"I would still love you."