It's the stars that outshine the blackness

Under the lunar curse,

When I no longer hear you calling out to me

That's my permission to burn all down to hell.

In my dreams I can feel your breathing

Down my neck, down my spine,

Fluttering winds and the coarse feel of the ground

The stars continue to shine horridly.

A fort silhouette afar in the moonlight,

The church bells ring and sing chants

Closing my eyes to listen to the runic language

It is to save the lives of the innocent and dead, I shall.

When will I feel your arms and sink my teeth?

Indulge in me as I with you

Fly off into the darkest of nights only to be too late

As the stars rain down fire and abhorrence.

In search of the Keeper of Life

To kill what should have been destroyed,

I can only look back and wish for more time,

If you only were there to ease what pain I still have

What emotion could be left behind with my heart.

These eyes can only see projections of evil

And I find delight in it all

To look up into the eyes of the stars and revel

As it shines with the blood of the corrupted

And brightens at every fall of soul,

I smile in every exertion.