Justified fragments of a dream,

The dreams we used to have,

How far have we gone to give up such hope?

When you're thrown onto the doorstep of Hell,

Who's to say this trial is over?

When really it's all begun.

Is there really such a place with no pain?

Who can believe I am virtuous and not in vain?

When I'm lost and beating at the door.

How can I say that I don't need saving

When I'm drowning in my fear?

Save me, when I don't seem lost at all.

Praise me, when I've slipped and about to fall.

Love me, when I deserve none.

Who would go back a road so hard to cross?

I need you in my life,

Someone I can trust.

Can I be blamed for giving you all I've got?

Please stay with me and help me save my life.