Hey I decided to write another fractured fairytale, this ones quite a bit longer just to warn you, so here goes nothing

Hey I decided to write another fractured fairytale, this ones quite a bit longer just to warn you, so here goes nothing.

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Aurora. Now Aurora was a right little brat, who never did what she was told and through a fit when she didn't get what she wanted, but she was a princess so people learnt to put up with it. Well, other than one person, who didn't. This one person(a fairy from the land of the evil step-sisters) decided to do something about this insolent little brat of a child, FOR GOOD!

So after much deliberation, for their was far too many ways to kill someone to decide on one without consulting her fellow(though less magical) evil step sisters, she narrowed it down to two choices. One possibility, more elusive and less likely to allow her to be caught appealed in many ways, slipping the child a poisoned apple would take little to no effort. Unfortunately, evil fairies rarely performed a spell unless they though their was a good chance the skill they demonstrated would be recognized. Plus everyone already new that the new evil-fairy in far, far, away had given snow white a poisoned apple last week, and if there was one thing Maleficent wouldn't stand for it was plagiarism. So the other option began to seem much more enticing, mostly because their was no possible way anyone would ever forget that it was indeed, Maleficent, who had cast the horrible spell that would plague their land for the next 15 years.

But in a land as small as that in which they lived news traveled fast, faster perhaps the Maleficent had expected. Many good fairies, including the king and queen's magical advisory, heard tell of a curse to be presented on the day of the princesses christening. Lucinda, the fairy head of the magical advisory, suggested to the king and queen that perhaps it would be wise to have a few magical beings present in order to protect the princess. King Tobias thought this was the most wonderful of thoughts and Queen Alexa went as far as to suggest that perhaps they ought to have fairy godmothers. This had never been done before but Lucinda figured it couldn't hurt so she went about sending invitations to the most reputable fairies in the most reputable lands.

In one day they got three replies that all firmly read, "NO," everyone had heard tell of the horrible princess and clearly no fairy wanted to deal with a budding dictator! Within the next week they got another 27 replies that clearly wanted nothing to do with the princess and 3 replies that vaguely stated that they may comeā€¦if they were in the neighborhood. This would not do, clearly they would not have enough fairy godmothers present to protect the princess should Maleficent attack. As the days went by and the disappointing responses just kept rolling in, Lucinda decided that it would be wise to create a new plan in order to be certain they would have enough fairy godmothers in attendance.

Lucinda decided to make this a competition, no fairy ever turned down the opportunity to prove that she was more powerful then another magical being. Lucinda put out word that fairies should send in gift spells, missing only one link so as to prove that should they be invited their present would be suitable(and, though it did not say this, royal enough) for the princess. One fairy from each terre would be chosen to represent the land from whence they came.