"So Andrea, tell me about yourself."

Andrea fidgeted uneasily beneath the overly attentive stare of her employer-to-be. "I'm smart." She declared, "And I'm confident in my abilities in the workplace, and I know that hiring me won't be a mistake on your part." She winked.

The employer-to-be wrinkled his nose in distaste. She noticed her mistake but chose not to care. Obviously this man was assuming she was flirting with him in a pathetic attempt to get the job. The fact that this was her tactic only wounded her pride further and she pushed the thought away, anticipating his next question.

"Why did you leave your last job?"

It was now Andrea's turn to wrinkle her nose in distaste. This was most definitely not the best question for her to be answering image-wise. "My boss and I had our differences." She responded delicately, hoping he wouldn't press for details.

"Differences?" He echoed, raising an eyebrow, clearly not amused, "Employer-employee relationships are taken very seriously here, Andrea."

The fact that he was mocking her caused her famous temper to rear its ugly head. "He didn't treat me like an equal, so I insulted his endowment." She informed the now shocked man, "Yes, you heard me right." She added when he raised his eyebrow again.

"I see…" He trailed off, scribbling something furiously on the side of his notes, "Do you consider yourself successful, Ms. Evans?"

Oh, so she was Ms. Evans now?

Andrea's frustration and lack of patience were bordering on becoming more apparent in her outward appearance. "I'm not very successful, no." She answered icily, "I'm completely broke now and ass-kissing to get a job I don't even want. Hell, my only source of income right now is eBay."

His eyes widened, "Interesting." He noted; Andrea snorted in response, "So, my last question for you, Andrea: What do co-workers say about you?"

Andrea already knew there wasn't a chance in hell she was getting this job, so, flipping her hair and batting her eyelashes, she replied, "Well, I'm no mind-reader, but I'd assume they'd say I was a bitchy slut who wasn't a very good help at all."

The man's jaw went slack as Andrea smirked back at him. Regaining control of his facial features, the man slowly replied, "Well, thanks for taking the time to come out for an interview."

"Anytime." Andrea purred, smirk widening as she realized just how intimidated this man was.

"We'll call you if something comes up." He added in a tone that suggested otherwise as she walked away, "Have a nice evening, Ms. Evans."

"I'll wait beside the phone." She called; earning weird looks from employees as she passed.

It wasn't like she'd ever be working with them anyway.


Andrea let out a groan of frustration as her car stood idle in the bumper-to-bumper traffic. Damn it, LA could be a real bitch sometimes…

She wasn't pleased with the way her job interview had gone. She had already attended several that week alone, and they had all ended horribly. It appeared she was impossible to get along with, and impossible for anyone to want to hire. How she had kept her last job for so long was starting to make less and less sense…

Getting a job was definitely a necessity for Andrea… She had barely been paying her bills when she had a job, opting to spend more money on clothes, her car, booze, and shoes. Now that she was unemployed, Andrea still had her class, but she'd be getting evicted sooner rather than later from her beloved apartment, and public transport would become her only method of transportation… Especially since gas was so outrageously over priced and the traffic was more unbelievable than ever…

Her phone, something else she wouldn't be able to afford to keep in the not-so distant future, rang loudly in her purse. Grabbing haphazardly, she retrieved it and answered, sighing with relief when the traffic slowly but surely started to let up.

"And where are you?" Jonathan drawled lazily from the other end of the line.

She laughed, her lips twisting into a dazzling smile, "Stuck in Traffic." She replied, "I'll be there soon, brother dear."

Jonathan snorted, "Just hurry up, Mom and Dad are already ticked that you're late, they're going to be furious when they find out that you got fired."

"They're not finding out." Andrea hissed angrily into the phone, "And if they do, so help me god, I will make your life miserable."

She knew Jonathan knew better than to assume her threats were empty, and she grinned in satisfaction when he let out an exaggerated sigh before hanging up.


After the typically awkward dinner with her family, Andrea retired to Eric's apartment, Jonathan tagging along out of sheer boredom.

"So what exactly happened the night you lost your job?" Eric inquired as Andrea lazily flipped through television channels, "I mean, you have done some crazy stuff – but never, have I ever picked you up in the richest part of Beverly Hills…"

"Yeah, what was up with that?" Jonathan piped up, raising an eyebrow, "What did our ickle Andrea do while she was drunk as a skunk?"

Andrea frowned at Jonathan's mockery. "Don't call me ickle." She snapped, continuing to switch channels, unsatisfied with every single one, "And skunks don't get drunk. Your logic is twisted."

"Well?" Eric persisted, snatching the remote from her and pausing on a sports channel, "What gives?"

Andrea laughed recalling her impossible experience with Reed Vance. Her brothers both cast her strange looks as she continued to laugh to herself.

"Well," She began, "I drank."

Her brothers huffed impatiently.

"And then I slept with a rock star named Reed Vance..."

Now her brothers' eye's widened in disbelief.

"And now I'm selling something belonging to him on eBay."

Andrea smirked at their surprised expressions. She knew that they believed her, because one of Andrea's most prominent traits was her honesty, even if it was more often than not somewhat brutal…

"What exactly are you selling?" Jonathan recovered first, "And how did you get your hands on whatever this item may be?"

"I'm selling his jacket." Andrea drawled, "And he gave it to me."

"Reed Vance gave you his jacket?" Eric questioned in disbelief, "Are you sure he didn't just… lend it to you?"

"Well, the details are slightly sketchy…" Andrea informed them, "But the jacket is lying on the floor where I left it in my apartment as we speak, and the obsessed fans are making me rich on eBay."

"So you're seriously going to sell his jacket?" Jonathan sputtered, "What if he gets mad that you're selling, oh, I don't know, his most prized possession?! Reed Vance is a celebrity, Andrea, he's above the law – why are you messing with him?"

Andrea couldn't help but grin at her brothers' incredible need to protect her. She didn't like being taken care of – through her eyes, she was independent and didn't need someone constantly looking after her like she was frail and vulnerable… But her brothers, they were the only exception. She loved them to tears, and even if they sometimes drove her nuts, she still considered them to be her best friends and the best thing she had going.

"He's a prick." Andrea declared, as if it were obvious, "The way I see it, he deserves to be messed with a little."

Eric and Jonathan sighed, and Andrea's smirk only intensified.

"I'll show you." She decided, grabbing them by their wrists and towards the door of Eric's apartment. "We're going to my place."

Her brothers shrugged, and followed Andrea as she hastily exited.


Andrea flung the jacket across the room in the general direction of her brothers and grinned in satisfaction when she heard a muffled "What the -?" coming from Eric, who had presumably fallen victim to her jacket-attack.

"Well if this isn't the real thing, then it's pretty damn close." Jonathan whistled, "So you honestly slept with this guy and now you're selling his jacket?"

"Stop questioning me that way," Andrea nagged, "You're making me sound like a terrible person."

"Um, reality check, you are a terrible person." Eric frowned, still observing the jacket with great interest, "I bet this baby would sell for a lot. What's the bidding like?"

Andrea shrugged. "So far I've only been getting low bids and e-mails from freaks who want to know if it's the-" She paused to exaggerate, "Real. Thing."

"Can I see?" Jonathan inquired, stepping past Andrea and towards her laptop – the same one she had been using since college…

Andrea opened the webpage and scrolled to the section where all Reed Vance's insane fans had been bidding since mere minutes after posting the picture and description.

And then, while looking at the highest price, she blanched.

Eric and Jonathan struggled to see what exactly had caused Andrea to go into such an unexpected state of shock. The typically calm and collected Andrea was staring at the computer screen in absolute disbelief.

And then she went hysterical.

"Fifteen thousand dollars?!" She shrieked, "Some Japanese lady wants to pay fifteen thousand dollars for this stupid coat?"

Eric and Jonathan looked from Andrea to the computer screen and back in surprise. "Someone bid fifteen thousand dollars?" Eric echoed, "Fifteen thousand dollars?"

"You bet." Andrea replied gleefully, "Forget getting a job, I'm set for at least a few months now. I never thought I'd ever be thanking Reed Vance, but hey… Fifteen grand!"

"So…" Jonathan trailed off, "You're accepting the bid, right?"

"You better fucking believe it!" Andrea boasted haughtily, "Unemployed and fifteen grand richer… Fancy that!"

"Andrea…" Jonathan warned, "It doesn't sound like the greatest idea. Like I said earlier, Reed Vance is going to figure out that you have the jacket, and then you'll be screwed!"

Eric snorted. "Well technically, he's already-"

"Enough!" Jonathan cut in before Eric could finish, "Just hear me out Andrea, this could cause a lot of trouble. The kind of trouble Eric and I can't help you with."

Andrea scoffed. "Relax, brother darling, I'm not a little child, I won't do anything stupid." Jonathan cast her another desperate look. "Look, this Reed guy needs his ego taken down a few pegs and if it means making him travel half way across the world to Japan and spending a lot of money to retrieve his jacket, then I'm down for it!"

Jonathan sighed heavily, but Eric hit him playfully on the arm. "Dude, just relax for once. She knows what's she doing… Kinda."

Andrea laughed, "All right, out of my apartment." She commanded, "I've got to package this horrible excuse for fashion and get my fifteen grand as soon as it is humanly possible. I don't particularly feel like getting evicted."

Jonathan moved more slowly than Eric to the door. "Andrea, if you think, even just for a second, that it's a bad idea, then don't go through with it, promise me that?"

Andrea sighed heavily. "I promise." She groaned, hugging the jacket close to her. This jacket was officially the most important thing in her life until she got the beautiful check in the mail.


Once Eric and Jonathan were gone, Andrea took a moment to properly observe the jacket. It was made out of leather, with about thirty-five pockets on the front – all entirely empty. On the back of the jacket was a picture of a tiger bearing its teeth and Reed's name written in choppy writing, presumably his… Andrea found the jacket to be possibly the most unfashionable thing she had ever laid eyes on and the non-existent guilt she had been feeling for selling it without second thought disappeared altogether.

Andrea stuffed the jacket in a cardboard box, not even bothering to fold it properly and quickly scribbled down the address she had been given on eBay on her hand, before dashing out the door.

As soon as the door shut behind her, her phone started ringing. By the time she was in her car, the message was already rolling…

"Well, well, well… You were a lot harder to find that one might have originally thought, Ms. Andrea Evans… Don't flatter your ego darling, I'm not calling to tell you I missed you – I'm calling because I desperately need my jacket back and I know for a fact that you have it. So please be a doll and return it as soon as you can…"

Oh, if only Reed knew what he was really in store for.






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