Yes people you heard right. I wrote a happy poem ^o^. Wrote this in a good mood, its just
been Easter so I have enough sugar in my system to make anyone start bouncing off the walls.
Review it and tell me what you think but I think I'll stick to the more angsty stuff.

My soul is free
Now I can fly
Like an eagle in the clouds
Gliding, Diving
Through the sky

My soul is free
Now I can dance
Like blossoms in the wind
Swirling, twisting
In the breeze

My soul is free
Now I can leap
Like a dolphin in the waves
Splashing, Playing
In the spray

My soul is free
Now I can smile
Like a young child at play
Laughing, running
Across the field

My soul comes back to the earth with a jolt
By my teachers angry voice
But I'll wait until their back is turned
Then I'll once again soar in the sky
Like an eagle through the clouds