My journey was in part to tread the course of pain.
I've had to open up my heart, and close it to refrain.
Then I realized, I'd always try to run,
It took a moment but hit me hard,
What I learned was you have to let it come,
Just don't let it scar…

So let me cry then you can dry my tears.
Let me fall and I will fall unto your throne.
Let me tremble so you can quench my fears.
Let me search so you can lead me home.
Let someone hate me so I can learn to love.
Let the storm clouds cover, so I can see above.

Let me lose my sight so I can learn to feel.
Let someone hurt me so I can learn to heal.
Let me laugh so I can learn to cry.
Let me dance so I can learn to stumble.
Let me live so I can learn to die.
Let me break, and when I do,
Dear Lord I pray, just mold me into you.