Everest on Fire

I walked for a hundred miles

Along the Khosi side,

'Til under silver orb

And on black rock I climbed,

To find that golden orb

To light my day.

But that Mountain!

Towering above the rest,

Touching the sky

Caught the sun,

And a fiery halo flickered

About its proud head,

Proclaiming every square inch

Of its majestic beauty.

From the top that pale golden orb

Came, but didn't melt the ice.

But my day had started,

My heart melted by the beauty,

When Sargarmartha, Chomulunga,

Everest was on fire.

Even now, in my coldest moments,

In the dark,

A warm smile is brought to my face,

As I remember the mountain

That stole my heart.

Khosi- pronounced like cosy

Sorry for the annoying breaks but the editer is ignoring any spaces I put it.