Nikki Nielsen stood in the rain and turned her face to the sky. The rain was her friend. To most, it may seem odd, but the rain was her favorite kind of weather. No one could tell when tears made their way down her cheeks if she was standing in the rain.

She stood across the street from the condominium that she used to live in. So many years ago, it seemed. Someone else lived there now. She wondered if they knew what had happened in that place. What was lost there. She felt the tightness in her chest as the tears sprang to her eyes once again.

It had been four years. And she could still remember every moment that had happened that day—as if it had just happened yesterday…and she could remember the entire week after. All the people, all the questions. A tear slowly made its way down her cheek. She licked her lips and attempted to choke back her tears.

She was getting married the next day. And no one knew how much this was ripping her apart inside—not the marriage, but the scar of the past. The pain was still there. The sadness. The hurt. The love.

"I love you, Jacob. You're always in my heart. I wish you were here."