Soul Searching

Chapter Three

Author's Notes: I really hope you've enjoyed the first and second chapters so far. And, I hope you'll enjoy this chapter as well. Also, I'm sorry if this story seems just a little dark and too sad. It gets better, trust me. I'm listening to Mordred's Lullaby by Heather Dale. If anyone has heard it, you'll agree with me when I say it's a lovely piece of work. I can't stop listening to it and it's inspiring it. So, I thank you, Heather Dale!

Le'neh watched the princess as she sat on the grassy hill, staring up at the sky. She did that often, ever since her mother had died. It had already been a month, or was it two? He wasn't sure. He hadn't been paying attention. He was too worried about the little human princess. He remembered the day she had come running to him in tears. She had been so torn up inside, it hurt him to see her like this. She had spoke of her mother's death and her father's indifference. He then recalled the second time. She had come running to him in tears, just as the time before, but she seemed a little different. Almost withdrawn and it hurt him even more to see him like this. It had been the day of her mother's funeral and she had explained to him what had happened.

As he lay watching her, he realized only now that she had stopped her games. She had stopped the spinning and the laughter, but he merely dismissed it as mourning for her mother. But still, did it really take humans so long to grieve their lost loved ones? He didn't understand mortals sometimes. He shook his head and sighed, focusing his golden stare on the form of his precious little princess. Valerie sighed softly, peering up at the sky and watched as the clouds lazily passed by. Her father had been so distant lately and she wasn't sure why. Even her brother had noticed, but he didn't know why either. Both of them were worried about him.

Valerie shook her head and stood up suddenly, brushing her dark dress off. She had been wearing a lot of dark dresses lately. Mostly in honor of her mother's death. She glanced over at Le'neh, walking over to him and patted his head lovingly. "I need to go. I'll see you tomorrow, Le'neh. Be good for your mate, you hear?" She smiled sadly and kissed the top of his head before turning to leave.

"Valerie, take care. This dragon is worried about you!" Le'neh called after her, lifting his head high and stretching his wings some. Valerie raised a hand in acknowledgement to his words. "I'm fine, Le'neh! You worried too much!" And then she ran off.

She walked down the halls of the castle, heading to her bedroom to freshen up. She thought about humming, but decided against it. She had no time for childishness, right? Not since her mother had died. She was the only female Royal. At least, in this kingdom. Her grandparents were dead, on both sides. It was her duty to be respectable and such. Right?

Valerie sighed and looked up, but then she paused at the sight of someone scurrying towards her. It was her brother and he looked upset, but she wasn't sure what was bothering him. He had dark green eyes like her father and her mother's dark red hair.

"Valerie! Valerie!" He stopped in front of her, panting. He waited a few moments before speaking in order to catch his breath.

"I've been looking all over for you! I have something to tell you, but I don't think you'll be too happy." Valerie blinked, wondering what this news was.

"Valerie, father's getting remarried." Her brother said, carefully watching her face to see her reaction. Valerie blinked once, twice, even thrice before she stared at him like he was stupid.

"Father's what?"

"Getting married. To some noblewoman. Personally, I think she's a stuck up, vain woman," Her brother said, rubbing the back of his neck in a sheepish manner. Valerie lowered her gaze, staring down at the ground. She was numb for a moment from shock, but then anger began to surge within her.

"I see," She said, shoving past her brother and began making her way towards her father's study where she knew he would be.

"Eh? Val, where are you going?" He started to follow after her, worried about what she was going to do. She looked mad and then he remembered the promise. On the day of their mother's funeral, she made their father promise never to remarry. He was going to break his promise.

"Oh, Val, don't!"

"Shut up, Demitri! Father broke his promise!" He had never in his entire twenty years seen or heard his little sister this angry. They made it to the study and the petite princess threw open the doors of the study in a surge of strength and startled their father.

"Father! How DARE you! You promised!" The King blinked, oblivious to the fact that she had found out his soon to be wedding to the vain noblewoman. She glared at him, stalking towards him like a predator after prey.

"You're remarrying-"

"Who told you that?" The king blinked.

"My brother told me! At least he was man enough to tell me unlike my backstabbing, lying father!" She nearly shrieked, trying to control her temper.

"How dare you! You have no right to speak to me, Valerie! I am KING." He stood up, slamming his fist against the table. Demitri opened his mouth to say something but thought better of it. Valerie clenched her hands into fists.

"Fine, as princess, I declare war on you," She said seriously, calming down some. Her father blinked once, twice, then trice then stared at her like she was stupid, much like she had to her brother.

"You what?"

"I said, I declare war against you. You forget, I have the dragons on my side. I know you forbade me from talking to Le'neh, but I did. And now, you're going to regret breaking your promise, father. You'll know when I'm ready to attack and I'm going to let the whole kingdom know of your betrayal." A look of hurt mixed in with pain and anger showed on her face and then she turned and stormed off before he could say anything.

"Father… I think she's serious," Demitri finally managed, staring after his younger sister. The king sighed and sat in his chair again, pressing a hand against his head. He now had a headache. "We'll see."

Valerie stood in front of Le'neh and his red mate. "I hate to ask this of you and the others, but will you help me show my pig headed father see the truth? He's getting too old for ruling anyways and he broke his promise." She then stared down at the ground, looking hurt again.

"Of course, we would gladly fight for you, princess. These dragons are on your side, along with the others. They adore you and your kindness. Especially your singing."

Valerie looked at him and smiled for the first time in two months. "You will? Oh, thank you so much, Le'neh!"

Author's Note: Well, I'm going to end it here. Wow, talk about a shocker. Bet you guys weren't expecting her to go to war against her own father. Hahaha. Did I mention this was based off of a dream I had several weeks ago? Well, it is and in my dream, I declared war against my father.