Author's Note:


So how many of you hate my guts? I'd say about 80 percent. Well… I guess I'm just preparing myself for all the hate reviews I'm going to get.

Anyway, how horribly unsatisfying is that ending? Even I'm not sure I like it. I mean, hello? What the hell happened to Cole? Did he just drop off the face of the earth? Well, no he did not. You see, I was really trying to make her end up with Cole. I kept thinking, majority wants Cole, so I'll just give it to them. But then I was thinking, I can't just break Jack's heart and leave him on the side of the road like some defenseless puppy. Because if I did that, then I'd have to write a whole new story with Jack in it. And even thought I love Jack he is not my favorite character. Cole is.

What would be more fun than to write about poor heartbroken Cole? Um…. Nothing.

Well, yeah. I guess I'm going to have to start writing Cole's story (a shorter one though), bring back some Lydia, I missed her. And with the aid of a Beta! About time, don't you think?

So I guess that's it for this story. Sorry to all those Cole fans. I know you hate me. It's really hard to try and write a story that everyone will like when there are 800 people with this on their alert list. Never thought that would happen. This was my first major story that went beyond five pages. So, for my first time I don't think it was too bad. There's a lot I would have liked to change, but I had a ton of fun writing this.

Um… yes I know. Lame ending. I have no idea how to end a story. So I winged it.

That's all for now. Cole's story coming soonish. Probably after Christmas. Thank you to everyone again, loved the reviews.