He was losing control of himself. He needed Kain back and quickly. It wasn't just because he was going through a withdrawal, and all that kept him sane was Kain, no. That wasn't it at all. Kain's blood totally wasn't necessary. Yet, why was he going crazy, in the endless wasteland full of all that was betwixt and between the realms of making someone go mad.

He fell to his knees, holding his throat, unable to hold down his urge for blood. He thought he'd be able to last without Kain, but deep inside, he knew it'd be impossible. The blood of God and the blood of Satan…it was a combination that he couldn't live without. His body was already weak from not drinking any blood, and fighting. His injuries may not be there anymore, but his energy was gone. He knew that his other self would soon come out, and he being in the state he was in, had no chance of fighting the demon within. He held himself, the urge becoming uncontrollable. He stared at the ground, trying to find some place to root his focus. He needed to be sane.

How would he get out?

Would Kain even be alive by then?

Where was Kain right now?

He felt himself losing consciousness.

"Kain…I need…blood." Matt whispered as he felt his body go limp. He then fell to his side.

Blood trickled from the wholes he had carved into his arms to withstand the pain of the demon.

All went dark.