AN/ This is what boredom on a plane does to a person, completely random poetry :)


Mystery – Love Fades/Hope Grows


Grand designs in shadowed spheres

With golden globes and hemispheres

Watch the midnight stars alight afire

As eldritch dreams and hopes aspire

With echoes soft and whispers loud

To pull away the darkened shroud.


For all that logic puts in place

And all that dreams keep apace

Mystery rules overall

To keep beyond fates dark fall.


A darkened dusk speeds past to dawn

Dew drops die with light rays born

And alcoves hidden found anew

Keep lovers secret staying true

Every gain will bring a loss

A darkened side, a lovers cross.


Every heart will break sometime

Wither, bloom, pass in its prime

Passion fades and apathy rules

As chances love takes all for fools.


Laughter light on airy breezes

Melting chills from winter freezes

Capture joy in bubbling streams

A wellspring source of hopes and dreams

For every death will bring a birth

With waters rising from the earth


Hope fades not it springs eternal

A smouldered seed that sprouts internal

And picture frozen in its splendour

Dreams aspired does hope engender


With wispy dreams wrought out of wishes

And passionate hearts left suspicious

Shadowed globes glow luminescent

With hidden knowledge omniscient

All that was, that will, will be

Doubtful lovers set forth free


Mystery solved released from fate

Illusions rapture once innate

Vivid vibrant worlds attained

Hopes heart found, hearts hope regained


By Starfire17

Written 8/3/08