AN/ Um well, wow. This is really dark, I mean really dark and nothing like my usual stuff so if you came from my profile you might wanna turn back now. I have no idea how this got into my head but I had to write this. These are not my personal feelings on the subject. You've been warned.

Fractured Mirror (on the wall)


Tears fall down your silent face

Carving valleys in your skin

Thoughts slow down to keep apace

Fragile body far too thin


Scars mark skin like bold tattoos

As hitching gasps echo loud

Your clothes smell like his favourite booze

Your high held shoulders crouched and bowed


The bruises blossom like a brand

You curl yourself around your knees

Bones too broken to just stand

Heart too shattered in a freeze


Still you whisper not a word

You'll carry his secrets to your grave

Right and wrong the boundaries blurred

There's nothing left of you to save


So put that pretty smile back on your face

Put that makeup on your skin

Leave nothing for those cops to trace

You'll go back now and let him win


You will I know, I know you will

This fractured mirror shows you still…


Smile now mirror, No one can know

By Starfire17

Written 17/8/08