AN/ Just a quickly written, inspiration driven piece. To balance some others out :)

Hopes and Dreams -Stars of Heaven


Hopes and dreams they glow so brightly

Spinning threads of will and wish

Pop into being, extinguish nightly

Swarming heavens like sea with fish


Fuelled by choice and kept by promise

Each a carefully tended dream

A million dollars, loves first kiss

The road of hope a fickle beam


For just a careless word misspoken

Can crush these tiny balls of flame

Quick to dismiss, the minds of men

Too quick to fold, give in to shame


For no hope is unconquerable

No wish too futile to pursue

Every fate a tiny pull

At what is right, is wrong, is true


Nothings wrong with what you think

With what you want, with who you are

Every longing a subtle link

To your dream, your hope, your star


Will the skies soon turn to black

All hope lost, ambition dead

There's only one thing for what we lack

Just don't despair, dream hope instead!

By Starfire17

Written: 17/8/08