What is creativity other than the flow around and between boundaries, whether they be rigid or relaxed? We live, as does our art. What does our art speak of us? What will it say on behalf of us that we may or may not acknowledge? Art is a truth. It takes on the life form we've given it and reveals a part of our nature, as we reveal a part of our ancestors, and human nature. But then it exists outside and apart from us; once it's created, it is no longer ours. Was it ever ours to begin with, or are our bodies and minds tuned to channel the forces that flow through us, to mix with experiences gained and our given natures, created from the same force? We create, and are created.

What follows art? Creativity leads to creativity – we are inspired by life forms without and within us. Our degrees of observation, acceptance, and absorption of these affect how we make use of our boundaries. Whether we take advantage of our set boundaries or attempt to loosen or overcome them, our reasons for doing either can be made richer by the understanding we bring to our creativity. Our art will reflect these boundaries, even the meaning and source of them. Understanding and openness will reveal our awesome depths that are borne from and into art.

Art speaks beyond itself. Poetry must be viewed through the lens of the words, yet beyond the words. The best we can do to express something with words is to speak of it; with photography and painting, to suggest through framing, coloring, and lighting a particular essence; with music, trusting that the language of rhythms and chords will excite particular primal recognitions. To write of it in prose, we may declare that we have captured it by describing it with detailed words and logic. But that is still dancing around what there exist no words for. It is its own life, and must be released from us, by us, into its true form. Art speaks not only of itself, but itself within the broader spectrum of the world. If we are true to ourselves, our art will reflect the qualities most important and basic to us as humans, and allow us to harmonize with each other and the natural world on a more global and meaningful level.

While I sip my jasmine tea, I enjoy the expression of the flower even after it's short life has passed. Through capturing and the release of it's scent and flavor through hot water, I am able to appreciate these blooms long after they have withered, when they no longer expose their sweetness upon vines to passing insects or humans. Part of their loveliness awakens once more when any person prepares this tea correctly. What is tea but another form of art?

Life feeds life, creating art. By opening up our own boundaries, we can come to recognize other forms of art, and create art through living.