Are You Blind?

I'm still so very lost,
In a world that doesn't care.
The angels are weeping,
And I'm crying along.

The world,
It cannot see.
The world,
It cannot know.

You're blind.
Unable to see.
See what you're doing,
What you're doing to yourself.

You're destroying yourself.
There's nothing I can do.
You refuse to let me help,
And so I merely weep.

I want to help,
I want to save you.
You ignore me,
You ignore my help.

I don't understand.
Are you that content?
To sit here and let this consume you?
Or are you blind?

Are you blind like the rest of the world?
Blind to all the pain?
Blind to all the suffering?
Blind to all the horror?

Let me open your eyes.
Let me help you spread your wings.
Help you soar above the clouds.
And sing among the stars.

Let me help you dance with the moon.
Let me help you paint the colors of the wind.
Let me help you smile and be happy.
Let me help you be free.