Better Half
Aug. 18, 2008

Each minute passes
And I miss him even more
How could I deserve him?
Tell me how, Lord!

Any good thing in me
He surpasses easily
No matter how I try
He is still better than me

'Thought I was good enough
Till he came my way
Now I know I'm not
And I'm covered in dismay

In the deepest layer of my heart
I wonder what did I ever do
To make myself feel like
I don't deserve you

Why can't I shake this feeling
Why can't I see inside
That thoughts are all forgiven
And Christ is by my side

Sometimes I feel that this
Is too good to be true
I want to hold on tight
I never want to loose you

You know just what to say
You always make me laugh
I feel like God has made
My other, better half