Llama's and Soccer Trainings


Black and white and sometimes blue
I know you'll never make it through
These hands of mine are shaking hard
Screaming laughter, no red card

Rolling on the grass so green
On a pole I have to lean
This jacket is not really mine
I did not steal it though from thine.

I promise you I'm normal now
I'll laugh no longer, I don't know how
I lie, I lie! I laugh some more
This really is quite a chore

The llama is my newfound friend
Let's find the leprechaun around the bend!
The rainbow stops for you and me,
A pot of gold is there, you'll see!

Grey hooded aliens and the klaxons too
And people say: 'How do you do?'
My world is spinning upside down
And now you're all beginning to frown

I'll kick the ball maybe one more time
I feel like I'm committing a crime
Everyone else can get the goal
While I just talk to Rahu the troll

Tarzan and Jane they are the best
They really should start to get dressed
Oeioeioe AY!
The song goes round again and again

I'm sorry to all that had to read
I did warn to, I tried to plead!
Read the others, a review's good too
And with that I bid you adieu!

a/n: For my lovely Laura Moya - the best defender in the world, even when she's playing mid!