Quantum Ghost


My last clear memories of life hardly included anything about my death. The day started off like any other. I woke up in my dorm, did my morning exercises, brushed my teeth and cleaned up, and headed into the lab. As usual, I was the first one in this early in the morning. As a physics graduate student, this lab had been my second home for the last few months. I spent less time in my dorm room than I did in here.

I entered the room, and put on the goggles and apron for working in the hot lab. I approached the fume hood with the experimental specimens under it. The two holes with gloves under them were the only thing protecting me from the toxic substances. Slowly and carefully, I began the very delicate process of mixing two specimens together. One false move, like accidentally puncturing the thin rubber gloves that covered my hands, could easily spell death.

As I filled a glass eye dropper with a noxious substance, I was startled by a loud and sudden sound. The fire alarm sounded, and I dropped the glass tube. As I instinctively turned to look at the nearest flashing light, the explosion hit. There was a flash of light, a loud sound, and darkness. I would awake to see my entire body covered with burns and broken glass cutting every bit of skin that was not covered and some that was. Paramedics shouted to me as I was loaded onto an ambulance. I could see firetrucks out of the corner of my eye. I assumed some accident had started a fire or explosion in the lab.

My eyes closed, and I drifted out of consciousness afterwards. Whenever I awoke, there was nothing but pain. The agony consumed every part of my body, and lacerations left me mutilated. Doctors and nurses would rush to me, and yell unintelligible things I would assume would be like "Stay awake!" or "Can you hear me?!" But, I could not make sense of it. I would drift in and out of consciousness a few more times, each time my senses becoming progressively weaker. The pain remained, and crushed what remained of my will. By the end of what seemed like an eternity, I was pronounced dead after only survived for an hour since the blast. The causes of death was heavy blood loss, as well as internal bleeding caused by the shockwave of the blast.

But that was only the beginning of my true agony.