Quantum Ghost

High Priestess

Jason left detention to meet Janet and Will in the hall.

"My mom's gonna kill me," Jason mused. "Her having to drive up here, and then I'll have to explain it to Dad-"

"Jason," Jan rolled her eyes. "Just say stop it."

"If they have a problem, just tell it to shove it up their asses," Will added. "If you're going to be fighting weird alien things, you need a spine."

Jason nodded, not protesting at all. "So, are you interested?" he tried to change the subject.

"Today, I woke up unsure how to react," Will replied. "But I've seen a load of weird stuff around. There were monsters around the stairs and bathroom. There was a weird flying thing in the corner of the biology room. And don't get me started on what I swore I saw in the front hall..."

"And weird stuff also happened to me," Jan added. "I saw a few things when I was in the library, and when I opened my sketchbook, I could have sworn the drawings were moving..."

"What about Nate?" Jason added. "Is he not interested?"

"Nah, he said he had to leave early for aikido today," Will replied. "I saw him shaken after history, and talking about how he needed a break."

"So, it's a pretty good bet he saw stuff, too," Jan added. "But where's your friend?"

"Oh, you mean Matt? He's-" Jason knew that he had to think fast. "-Going to check back soon. I told him I'd call him once I got out of detention."

Thanks to him, I could detect on Jason's mind.

Ungrateful bastard. Serves me right for trying to do him a favor with those bitches. But, I knew it would be time to make myself known soon.

"Can I borrow your cell phone?" Jason asked Will. "I need to call Matt, and then home."

Jason dialed his home phone number, pretended to talk with me, and then left a message on his family's answering machine. "Yeah," Jason ended the call and turned to Will. "Matt says he'll be here in five minutes. We need to meet him down by the stairwell."

"There's just something about that place, isn't there?" Jan asked. "But we need some way to defend ourselves!"

"Matt will show that to us," Jason answered. "You won't believe how easy it is."

"So easy a Confederate could do it?" Jan asked.

"Even easier," Jason replied. "So easy a Frenchman could do it."

"Whoa, whoa," Will interrupted. "Let's not get carried away here."

"Just get your things and meet me down there in a few minutes," Jason said.

He returned to his locker to gather his things before heading downstairs. As he anticipated, I was waiting there. Since most people were already clearing out of the school, we did not have to worry too much about being seen.

"You're welcome," I replied to him. "Once your friends get here, it will be time for basic training to start."

As soon as I saw Jan and Will descending the stairs, I froze time and began to show them what lay under their reality of their horrid excuse for a school.