Scared of the Dark

There was once, when I was scared of the dark

And the shadows around me a creeping.

So scared was I of the darkness inside,

It sometimes stopped me from sleeping.

But I strolled for one night in The Forest,

Under the whispering trees,

Hidden below in the darkness,

Brushed by a midnight breeze.

I came to a break in the Forest,

With a view up to heathery moor,

When I saw a sight that stopped my tracks,

And filled me up with awe.

For as I looked on the forest changed,

And the shadows were dancing instead.

Silver moonlight brought a great beauty,

And an artful silhouette

This is now; I'm not scared of the dark,

For in darkness it's beauty I see,

But the coming of dawn and the sunrise still

Is the greater beauty for me.