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Beep, beep, beep.

"Alex? Alex? Get up!" a voice said. I groaned and rolled out of bed.

"Girls are you up?" my mom yelled from downstairs.

"I am!" my sister yelled.

"Kara, please get Alex up too." My mom said. Kara rolled her eyes and glanced at me.

"Come on Alex, we can't be late again."

"I'm coming." I said, standing up. Kara yawned and walked into the bathroom. I sat up slowly, stretching my aching back muscles. I had no idea what I did yesterday, but it hurt.

"Hurry up," my sister said walking out of the bathroom fully dressed and ready.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." I scoffed, standing up. It was just like Kara to be ready twenty minutes early. Kara rolled her eyes and left the room.

I stretched again and then headed into the bathroom. Walking towards the mirror I raised my arm slightly, revealing a small Celtic moon placed right above my hipbone. I knew my parents would kill me if they ever found out I had gotten it, but I liked it, and that was reason enough for me to get it.

"Alex!" my mother called again.

"Almost done!" I answered, turning around to get ready.

Thirty minutes later I was in the car with my little sister, trying to ignore the constant talking next to me.

"Ugh I have a Biology test today." Kara grumbled. "And I have to talk to Becka about drama auditions. Oh! I almost forgot! Brian might ask me to the Spring Fling, but that's just a rumor… Who knows what he'll do, he is a boy after all."

"Do you ever stop talking?" I asked, flipping through the radio stations.

"I have to make up for your slack." Kara sighed.

"I talk." I defended myself. "Just not to you." Kara rolled her eyes and sat back in her seat.

"And the weather today is sunny and clear with a high of seventy-three. A beautiful spring day." The radio said. I rolled open the skylight, reaching my hand out to feel the breeze. It did feel nice outside, a beautiful spring day indeed.

"Nice tattoo." Kara said. I whirled around to see her looking at the patch of skin on my side. I put my hand back down quickly.

"No telling mom." I said, glaring at her.

"Yeah, yeah I know."

"Well you always do."

Kara looked taken aback. "I do not."

"Well last time I checked you told them about the second piercing, the belly button ring, and the motorcycle."

Kara smiled apologetically.

"That's what I thought."

Once we got to school I rolled up the skylight and turned the car off. "Have fun in biology." I said, grabbing my backpack. Kara sighed and got out of the car. I smirked and went into school, locking the car on the way.

"Hey Alex." A voice said as I walked into my first period. Turning, I saw my friends smiling at me.

"Hey Grace. Hey Casey." I smiled.

"Did your parents freak?" Casey asked, pointing towards my hidden tattoo.

"Um no…"

"Well mine did." Grace said, sitting down across from me. "I mean one simple star and they get all frantic like I killed someone." Casey laughed.

"Mine don't really care." She said. "I mean they are like walking canvases." I smiled knowing her parents have had their share of tattoos.

"Honestly, I didn't tell mine." I admitted, leaning back in my chair.

"Kara's gonna tell." Grace laughed.

"I know, but what else can they do?"

"You're right." Casey smiled. "Do you still have that gay ass job?"

"Yeah." I sighed. "I mean just because I got a motorcycle. How rigged is that?" Grace and Casey both laughed.

When I got a second piercing I got grounded for a three weeks. When I got a bellybutton piercing I got grounded for three months. When I bought a motorcycle I got put into hell, otherwise known as the Food Mart, a lovely little grocery store right in the middle of Somerset, Wisconsin. Ah doesn't it sound just darling? Cough. I'd rather die.

"Ok everyone, settle down." Our teacher said, walking into the room.

"How was your test?" I asked Kara as we climbed into the car.

"Eh." She mumbled, rolling down the window to wave goodbye to some friends.

"What are you doing today?" I asked, pulling out of the junior parking lot.

"I don't know."

"Can you tell mom I'll be late tonight?"

"Uh huh."

"You are useless."

Kara grunted and shrugged her shoulders. I sighed and turned on the radio.

"You promise not to tell mom about the tattoo?" I asked after a few minutes of driving. Kara turned to look at me.

"Why would I?"

"I don't know. I don't even think Mom can do anything worse then what she's done, but I'd rather not have to deal with the drama until summer."

"I thought you didn't care what they did." Kara mumbled. I shot her a look. "Alright, alright. I wont tell."

"Thank you." I smiled and turned onto our street.

"Remember, I'll be home late." I said, pulling into our driveway. Kara nodded and got out. I watched her walk inside before turning the car around and driving towards my personal hellhole.

"Hey Alex." A girl said as I got out of my car. I had parked at the very back of the Food Mart's parking lot, planning to delay my work as long as possible.

"Hey Mia." I said. I forced myself to put on a smile to greet this shy girl.

"No motorcycle?"

"My parents sold it."


Mia's a nice girl, really she is. But that's why I stay away. I mean in case you haven't noticed I'm not the normal teenage cheerleader. I prefer tattoos to makeup, motorcycles to sports cars, and blue spikes to blond highlights. I'm not gothic or emo I just like being different. Grace and Casey aren't emo or gothic either; they're just weird like me. But Mia and all the other girls who work here are the average teenage girl. They all try to fit in while working for collage, hence why they're here.

"Alex you coming in?" Mia asked, interrupting my thoughts.

"Huh? O yeah…" I said, following her inside.

"Hey Mia!" a redhead yelled from the checkout counters. Mia veered left to go meet her. I followed at a slower pace, not wanting to deal with happy, screaming teenage girls right then.

"Hey Gwen." Mia said, giving her friend a hug. "What's up?" Gwen glanced at me warily and shrugged, losing her previous enthusiasm. I laughed. These people were always scared I would eat them or something.

"Did we get those orders in?" I asked, trying to change the subject. Gwen looked surprised.

"Yeah… they're in the back room." she said. I forced another smile and nodded, walking towards the back.

"Dude!" A voice yelled from inside the room. I smirked, opening the door to reveal two guys running around with tape.

"Aha!" one of them yelled, running towards the other and wrapping part of him in tape.

"Gavin!" the guy who got tapped yelled. I laughed out loud, causing both of them to look at me.

"Hey Alex." Gavin said, setting the tape down on a table.

"Hey Gavin. Steven." I laughed, walking over to a stack of boxes.

"Dude, I hate you." Steven said, peeling the tape off of him. Gavin smirked and walked over to me.

"You need any help?" he asked, reaching for the clipboard that came with the boxes.

"No thanks." I said, taking the clipboard from him. Gavin glanced back at Steven and then left the room.

"Don't worry about Gavin." Steven said.

"I wasn't aware I was supposed to." I said.

"See you later Alex." He chuckled, leaving the room. I sighed and then got to work.

On normal Friday nights I come home from work and then go hang with Grace and Casey. In fact, on not normal nights I come home from work and hang out with Casey and Grace, but not tonight. Oh no. Tonight I was forced to go to a movie with some of my fellow employees.

Now you may be asking yourself how I ended up being forced to go out with them, and the answer is simple. My motorcycle.

My parents said that if I went out with my 'work friends', as my mom called them, I would have that much better of a chance of getting my motorcycle back. And there was no way I was giving up a chance to get my ride returned to me.

"So what movie are we going to see?" Gwen asked, rubbing her arms to warm up. I shivered in response. It seemed we both forgot to bring a jacket to this outing. I looked around at everyone else. Steven and Gavin were both joking around with each other while Mia looked at the movie posters outside the theater.

"I wanted to see that one about the phone call." Gavin said.

"No way!" Mia said. "That looks way too scary. Besides my mom would flip if I even considered it." I smirked.

"Who said she had to know?" I asked. "I'm in, lets watch it."

"Yeah Alex!" Steven cheered, grabbing my hand and leading me into the theater.

Two hours later the five of us walked of the theater and into the cool night. "It was ok." Steven said. "I expected better." I nodded.

"Are you kidding me?" Mia asked. "That was the scariest movie I've ever seen!"

"Whatever." Gavin said. "Steven, here's our ride." I turned to see a blue mustang pull up to the curb. Both the boys waved goodbye as they got into the car and drove off.

"Hey! Alex!" I turned, watching Grace jogging towards me.

"Hey what's up?" I asked once she reached me.

"I left Matt in the movie." She said, referring to her boyfriend. "We're over now. Can I get a ride home?"

"We were just going to walk." I said. "Oh Grace, you know Mia and Gwen?" I motioned towards the other two girls. Grace nodded, not bothering to say hello.

"What movie did you see?" Gwen asked as we started walking, trying to make conversation.

"Juno." Grace replied airily, flipping her blonde hair behind her shoulder.

"Ah." Gwen mumbled, looking put out. I knew Gwen was trying to be nice, but Grace just seemed to completely overlook the fact; I couldn't help it, I burst out laughing.

"What?" Mia asked, looking confused.

"Those two." I gasped between breaths, indicating Gwen and Grace. " It's just that-" Just then a sound came from behind us. It sounded like a cross between a growl and a Harley engine.

I whirled around, trying to see what was making that noise. I couldn't see much thought. We had been walking through the woods, since it was the fastest way to get home, but now I wasn't so sure if it was the best idea.

Grace stopped walking. "Hear what?" she asked. Then the growling noise came again, but this time from somewhere in front of us.

"There it is again." I said, spinning around to face the new placement.

"Alex stop." Mia half whimpered. "You're scaring me."

"I'm not joking." I said, tuning to face a growl coming from behind me. How was it moving so fast?

"No I can hear it too." Grace said, her face turning white. The growling erupted to our left. I turned to face it, noticing Grace following my motion.

"Oh please, you two probably planned this earlier tonight." Mia snapped. I forgot the growling for a second. Mia just grew a backbone; Mia, sweet, innocent Mia. Or as I long as I knew her that's what she's been. And now… she was snapping at us? Wow. Just wow.

"I mean you know we're gullible," she continued, oblivious to my shock. "Plus you probably-"

"Oh. My. God." Gwen said, interrupting Mia's rant. I followed her gaze to where it rested on a large dog coming out of the shadows.

"Still don't believe me?" I asked, stepping back slowly. I tried to remember everything I had learned in second grade about how to deal with stray dogs. There was something about remain still and try to keep calm.

"Oh look, more." I whispered as another unusually large dog stepped out of the trees.

"Holy shit, what do we do?" Grace whispered.

"Shhhhhh." Mia hissed.

"Oh yeah like they cant see us." I scoffed. "Ok I think if we just stay still they'll get sick of us and leave." Just then one of the dogs stepped forward, still growling.

"Maybe we're in their territory." Mia suggested, wincing as the growling grew louder.

"Yeah… yeah, maybe." Grace agreed, her eyes darting between the two dogs.

"Ok so lets just step back and then-" I started, being interrupted by a deeper and more terrifying growl. I stared at both dogs, watching them slowly progress towards us.

"Should we run?" Gwen whispered.

"Too late." I winced. One of the dogs circled around us, coming towards me. At this distance it looked more like a husky or a wolf of some kind. I heard Mia mumble something illegible. I glanced at her and saw her turn to run. The other dog took no time to react and jumped towards Mia, sinking his claws into her back. She screamed, causing the dog closest to me to forget about us and go towards the tortured prey.

I don't know why my adrenaline decided to kick in now, but I started to look around for a weapon of some kind, anything that could help Mia. After seeing a rock, I reached down and picked it up, hurling it towards the two dogs. It hit one on the head.

Grace got the idea and picked up more rocks, chucking them at the dogs. One of the dogs turned away from Mia, who was know lying still on the ground, and started to walk towards Gwen.

"Guys…" Gwen said warily. She was closest to the dogs and would probably be the next one to get attacked.

Grace chucked more rocks at the advancing dog, but it dodged them. Gwen bent down then, reaching for a stick lying a few feet away. Suddenly the dog ran forward and sunk his teeth into her arm. Gwen screamed and kicked the dog in the side until it let go. I looked around for more rocks, but, of course, there were no more.

"Hey! You dog!" I yelled, trying to distract the dog from going back to Gwen. It looked up at me and jumped away from Gwen, running towards me. I looked around frantically, looking for a weapon of some kind. Why didn't I think this one out better?

Finally, I spotted a branch lying a few feet away from me. Of course its not closer, where's the fun in that? I bolted towards it, closing my hand around the bottom and swung it towards the oncoming dog. It hit the dog square in the face, breaking the top part of the branch off and sending parts of it into the dog's eyes. The dog snapped its teeth together and backed up, clawing at its eyes.

Grace, who was trying to handle the second dog, as it had left Mia, looked around wildly for a weapon. She looked at me and I threw her what was left of my branch. She caught it and swung it around, limping towards the dog. I glanced at her leg, seeing blood. It seems everyone was hurt but me. Then I heard a growl to my right, one I was familiar with by now.

I turned slowly, knowing full well what was going to happen. "Hey there pup." I said, spotting the dog standing a few feet in front of me.

Well this is how I'm going to die, I thought.

The dog just stood there watching me. I stepped slowly out of my already loose shoe, thinking that maybe I could survive this; maybe I could knock the dog out before it got me. The dog noticed my movement and started waking towards me. I reached down and grabbed the shoe, chucking it at the dog's head just as it reached me. The dog dodged my lame attempt at hurting it and jumped, just as I put my arms up in a last attempt to save my life.

Lets just say the pain was a whole new experience.