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"Alex… Alex…?" a voice asked as someone shook my shoulder. "Wake up…"

I opened my eyes, blinking to clear the sleep from them.

"Hey." I yawned, recognizing Grace smiling down at me.

"Did you do any of your homework?" she asked, looking at my backpack on the floor.

"Not yet." I sat up, rubbing a kink out of my neck. I didn't remember falling asleep; all I remembered was talking to Amy about Ben and how-

I stopped myself before that thought went to unwanted subjects.

"It's ok, you can copy my English." Grace smiled, referring to our homework.

"Thanks." I yawned a second time. "What time is it?"

"Time for dinner." Grace said, helping me up. "We're gonna grab a quick bite then go running. That is if you're up to it."

"I am."

Grace smiled and let go of my arm, letting me lead the way out of the room. I took a deep breath before walking down the stairs; listening for footsteps.

Taylor was walking around, but no one else. I walked into the kitchen to see all the seats taken at the table, but four. I walked towards one and sat down as Taylor came and put breadsticks in front of me.

"Spaghetti." She explained, taking the seat across from me. I smiled and grabbed a breadstick, then passed it to Grace, who had taken a seat next to me.

"So where are you planning to run tonight?" Taylor asked as everyone passed the food.

"The usual." Jason said, passing me the container of cheese.

"Wait, we're going alone?" I asked.

"If that's all right with you." Jason smiled. I nodded and accepted the cheese.

"Is Ben planning on coming?" Taylor asked halfway through dinner. I looked up at where Ben usually sat to find it empty. I glanced at Amy who met my eyes and shrugged.

"I believe so." Cale said. "He's out there right now. He said he wanted to run some before we joined him."

"Probably getting in shape for football workouts." Taylor sighed. "About time too. Though I don't see how one day will help after slacking off for three months."

"Ok, lets go." Jason said after a few more minutes of eating, jumping up from the table and dumping his dishes in the sink.

"Dude, let me finish." Cale said, grabbing the last bits of food and stuffing them into his mouth.

"Lovely," Grace muttered, watching Cale struggle to stuff everything in there. I laughed out loud at that one.

"Good to see you smiling." Amy said, taking my plate to the sink.

"Thank you." I said, standing up from the table.

"By mom." Amy called as we followed Jason out the door.

The sun was just starting to go down as I walked out the door, the air just starting to get that nighttime chill to it. I felt ready to run, the wolf inside me nearly consuming me with happiness.

"Meet you out there." Amy said, turning to smile at me before taking off into the woods.

I was still uncomfortable undressing before changing but I knew I didn't have enough money to buy more clothes every time. I walked into the woods, taking of layers as I went. When I only had a t-shirt on I folded the clothes and set them on the ground, adding the t-shirt t the pile before jumping and changing.

"You are very good at that." a voice commented behind me when I landed the jump. I whirled around to face Jason, still in human form. I tilted my head to the side in confusion to his words.

"The changing on the fly, that's very good." Jason smiled. He saw me change? That means he saw me without clothes on too. I felt the blush, even if he couldn't see it through my fur.

"Relax Alex, I had to carry you back home remember?" Jason said, reading my thoughts. I growled in, what I thought was, an annoyed tone. Jason laughed and ducked underneath a group of trees.

I walked over to the trees to investigate what he was doing, but was then tackled by a cream colored wolf. I barked in annoyance and shook Jason off. The wolf barked happily and trotted away.

I growled playfully and leaped at Jason. He slid to the left as I landed right where his back was moments before. He snapped playfully at my legs as I leapt at him again. I landed softly, only to be chased through the woods.

I was running full out, enjoying the feeling, when I ran smack dab into a black wall. I flew back slightly, landing half on Jason, who had stopped chasing me. I barked quietly, trying to apologize for falling back on Jason. I turned to look at him, only to see him staring intently at the big black wall I ran into. I followed his eyes and saw a pitch-black wolf staring daggers at me. I recoiled into Jason and winced when the wolf's eyes got harder.

I didn't understand why Ben was being so mean. Sure I kissed him, but if it was that wrong of a move he could've just said so. I may not speak wolf that well, but I could understand when I wasn't wanted.

Ben took a small step towards me causing a whine to escape my mouth. I flinched, not expecting my wolf side to take over. I'll admit it, my human side was scared of Ben too, but I at least had enough control not to let him know. It seemed my wolf hadn't had that lessen in dealing with jerks yet.

I knew Ben would never hurt me, but who says his wolf side wouldn't? If my wolf could take control in this situation, so could his. And who's to say his wolf wasn't violent?

All I know is that my wolf side recoiled even farther into Jason when Ben took another step towards me. Jason must have thought Ben was going to lose control too, because he let loose a defensive growl, his fur bristling around the neck.

I turned my head to see Ben's reaction. I doubted anyone had defied Ben's alpha status before, and that is exactly what Jason just did to defend me.

I was expecting Ben to growl, or snap, maybe even attack. But instead Ben's eyes softened and he laid back his ears submissively. My eyes grew wide. Ben just showed obedience to Jason. Jason just overruled an alpha. An alpha.

Ben turned to me and his eyes grew sad. I whined, uncomfortable that Ben was acting like this. I didn't understand this kid. He supposedly liked me. But when I finally like him, he runs away from me. I mean does he even care how I'm feeling? And now this, this show of submission to a lower wolf probably because of me.

I looked at Jason, trying to get him to give up the defensive. Ben wasn't going to hurt me, I was sure of that. But by the time Jason finally perked up again Ben had given me one more saddened look and then turned to run into the forest.

I stood up and took a step in the direction Ben had left. Jason whined and nuzzled my shoulder. I glanced at him and smiled, well a werewolf looking smile. Jason smiled back, prancing up and down slightly. I cocked my head, wondering what he was doing. I took a step closer to him, trying to figure out what he meant.

Suddenly something flew out of the woods to my right. I ducked and rolled as the mass landed right where I had been standing moments before. Jason let out short barks in laughter. I looked up to see a black and grey wolf looking at me. I barked in greeting and went over to Amy. She smiled and sat on her haunches, looking content. I tilted my head slightly, wondering what she was up to.

Just then Jason ran from our spot and out of view. I turned to follow him only to be barked back by Amy. I sighed and laid down, placing my head on my paws. A few minutes later Jason came jogging into view in his human form. I picked my head up, curious what he was up to.

"Time to teach you to speak wolf." He said. Amy looked at him and growled slightly. "She wants to know why I always just where shorts." Jason explained. I nodded and looked back at Amy. She stood up and started growling and barking. Jason explained as she went, telling me what she was saying and how I could respond.

"I think you improved." Jason said after a half an hour or so. I let go a series of short barks, my laugh. Jason laughed too. "I'll be right back." He said. "Amy, take her to the field, there's bound to be something going on."

Amy nodded and looked at me, a sparkle in her eye. I barked and ran after her as she took of through the woods. After a few minutes we reached the field that dropped off to the cliffs.

Amy trotted out into the field and looked around. I stayed in the trees, wondering what she was up to. Suddenly she tensed. I looked around for the cause, not seeing anything. I was moving towards Amy, wanting to know what she was doing, when movement in the grass caught my eye.

I froze, watching as a white wolf came soaring out of the grass, right towards Amy. Amy ducked and rolled as the wolf landed right next to her. Amy barked and wagged her tail at the white wolf. The wolf barked and glanced over at me. I jogged over to them and recognized Grace as the white wolf. I wagged my tail and barked happily. Grace wagged her tail and glanced over my shoulder. I went to look behind me when I was dragged down by the weight of something. I barked and tried to roll out from underneath a light brown wolf.

Grace nudged the wolf gently and stepped back as it slid off of me. I jumped up, wondering whom this wolf was. The wolf went over and nuzzled Grace affectionately before turning and tackling Amy. I assumed this was Cale, unless grace had suddenly changed male interests.

After watching Cale, Amy, and Grace wrestle for a few minutes I decided to see if Jason had arrived yet. I turned slowly around the field, looking at the tress, trying to see a cream wolf. Suddenly a growl erupted behind me. I tensed, not recognizing the noise. I turned to look behind me, realizing my mistake too late.

The turn unbalanced me, letting the wolf behind me leap and drag me down. I braced myself as best as I could, but was brought down nonetheless. I growled and wiggled my way out from under the wolf. After standing up I saw that the wolf was in fact Jason. I growled and sat down on my haunches, watching as Jason stood up and pranced around like a show pony.

I cocked my head as if to say what? Jason barked happily and pranced towards me, licking my face. I jumped up, surprised at this action, and danced back. Jason barked and ran away, wanting me to follow. I sighed and ran towards him.

I raced across the field, passing Jason in a matter of seconds. As I felt Jason getting close to my right side, I swerved hard to the left, bringing me closer to the cliff edge then I had planned.

I fell back as the cliff edge appeared in front of me, trying to stop myself. But I only succeeded in sliding towards the edge, instead of falling towards it.

I scrambled to grab rocks, branches, anything to slow me down enough to run away from the edge, but realized too late that I had paws, not fingers. I had slowed down some in my few seconds of flailing, but not enough to stop my back end from slipping over the edge. I whined and dug my paws into the ground, trying to hang on. I closed my eyes, figuring they would burn if I hit the water with them open.

A pain in my neck made my eyes snap open. I saw that I was still on the ground; I wasn't falling off the cliff yet. I mean yes, my hind end was still hanging off, but I wasn't falling. And I sure wasn't sliding anymore.

The pain in my neck increased slightly as I was dragged forward until I was safely away from the cliff's edge. The pressure in my neck released, letting my head drop onto the ground softly.

I turned it to the side to see two giant eyes surrounded by black fur staring at me. I stood up and went towards the black wolf. Ben stared at me cautiously, as if I was going to throw myself over the cliff again.

When I reached him I nuzzled him softly as a thank you, then stepped back. Ben had his eyes closed in what I thought was control. I felt a pang of embarrassment.

What was I doing? I had thought a nuzzle was the appropriate way to thank someone, but apparently not. Ben probably thought I was hitting in him, after he made it clear I wasn't wanted like that. He probably thought I couldn't take a hint.

Why am I so stupid? I could've just bowed my head or something to show my thanks. Why did I have to feel the need to nuzzle the guy that had confused me to unimaginable heights the entire day?

Just then Ben opened his eyes. I tensed, thinking I should have left when I could. I didn't want to see Ben's rejection anymore that day. I had had enough.

He looked up at me, his eyes meeting my own. His were hard again, but I didn't feel anger rolling off him like I did with Jason. He just looked controlled, pained even. I whined, not understanding what he was feeling. I hated not knowing wolf language well yet. I bet Jason could read what Ben was feeling if he was here.

I took a step towards Ben involuntarily. Ben tensed, his eyes darting down to look at my foot. I froze too, my mind whirling.

Part of me wanted to go to Ben, to comfort him and tell him I was there. But I knew that wasn't what he wanted, at least not from me. I was the little sister, the one to goof around with. I wasn't the romantic interest, not to Ben.

I nodded once to myself, confirming my thoughts, and then turned on my heel and ran into the forest.

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