Author's Note: Ok so this chapter is explaining some stuff and at the end- that is how i would react to that type of situation, so don't be dissing my idea if you would be scared out of your mind. Ok thanks.

After picking the lock I turned around to see Grace staring at me.

"What?" I asked, not liking her expression.

"I still wonder how you learned to pick locks so fast." Grace said. I shrugged, opening the door.

"You'll be ok?" I asked as Gwen walked by me. She looked at me and nodded, no new tears were coming from her eyes. I let Grace pass then locked the door behind us.

As we walked down the hall we searched fro any coat hangers or closets.

"Guys, why don't we just crawl out a window?" Grace asked. I looked up and noticed that there were barely any windows, and the ones that existed, were barred. "Oh."

"This is stupid, we'll never find doctor's coats." Grace sighed after a few minutes.

"Relax, we'll find another way to leave then." I sighed. We had turned onto another hallway when the lights went out. The only reason I know this is because I saw someone with a flashlight walking away room us. When I thought about it the hallway did look a little darker then the others, but not really dark, just grayer somehow.

"Can you two see?" I asked.

"Yeah, you?" Grace asked. I nodded.

"Are the lights off?" I asked.

"I think so…" Grace started. "Over here! Quick!" Grace grabbed Gwen and dragged her behind a cabinet. I followed, squeezing myself from view.

"What is it?" I whispered so quietly I didn't know if Grace would hear me.

"Someone's coming." She whispered back. Her tone was lower than normal, so low I shouldn't be able to hear it, but somehow I could. What the hell did this hospital do to us? Just then I heard footsteps walking towards us. They sounded far off but I could hear them as if they were right next to me. I tensed as I waited for the person to pass by us.

After a few seconds the footsteps increased in noise. I squeezed myself further against the wall, unsure of what to do if the person turned and saw us. By the time I thought of an honorable plan, it was too late to whisper it to Grace, the person was walking by the cabinet.

I felt Gwen tense next to me, recoiling into Grace. The person walked by us, continuing down the hall before turning into a room. He was a middle-aged man who walked with a slight limp. After he turned into the room I jumped out from behind the closet and pulled Grace behind me as I jogged back the way we came.

After reaching the main hallway I let go of Grace and went in search of an open cabinet.

"Alex, what are you doing?" Grace sighed, following me down the hallway.

"Searching for disguises." I said, opening a cabinet.

"You're gonna get us caught." She hissed. I rolled my eyes, searching through random boxes of stuff. Grace huffed and walked towards another cabinet.

"Yeah, that's mature..." I muttered.

Just then a bang sounded behind me. I turned around to see Grace staring at her balled up fist in a large, fist-size, dent in the cabinet.

"Are you ok?!" Gwen asked, running to Grace.

"I don't know…" Grace whispered, looking at the door then her fist. There was blood on her hand but Grace didn't look in pain. Gwen grabbed her hand and looked at it.

"There's no mark." She said. "Of coarse. Are you ok? You don't look in pain…"

"No, I'm fine." Grace said quietly. "It didn't even hurt..." she turned to me. My mouth was hanging open, too shocked to make any noise. "Don't give me that look Alex." Grace said. "You can hear the mechanics of locks, punching a door and not getting hurt isn't that big a deal." I laughed out loud for that one. The three of us froze, listening for anything that signaled us being discovered. After a few seconds Grace relaxed and turned back to me.

"Nice one." She said. I shrugged and went to the cabinet that Gwen was working on.

"Need help?" I asked. Gwen nodded. I bent down and grabbed the needle Gwen held out. After fooling around for a few seconds I figured out how to open the lock. After it clicked I pulled. It didn't move. I pulled again, hard. This time the door flew open, throwing me back in the posses. I was unprepared and I fell onto the ground, hitting my head. I wouldn't have even known that I hit my head had it not been for the loud thunk that it made against the stone floor. I opened my eyes and looked at Gwen. I smiled when I saw her scared expression. After she saw me smiling her face broke into a wide grin. I smiled back even wider; glad Gwen was happy at the moment.

"Looks like you're not the only one with a resistants for pain." Gwen said to Grace. Grace turned towards us and laughed quietly when she saw me lying on the floor.

"Anything useful in there?" Grace asked. I sat up and looked at the cabinet.

"Hell yes." I smiled, standing up. Gwen and Grace exchanged a glance and came to stand with me. "Who wants to play dress up?" I asked, reaching into the small cabinet.

After getting into proper disguises we walked down the halls, careful to listen for anyone who might be coming. After taking a left I caught sight of the front courtyard from a window.

"We have to be close." I whispered. Grace and Gwen nodded in agreement. I wanted to keep going in that same hall, convinced it lead to an exit when Grace motioned for us to hide.

"What?" I asked in the same low tone she used.

"I hear something." Grace whispered. I rolled me eyes.

Well obviously you heard something…I thought. Woah, this was weird. My temper wasn't usually this bad.

I waited, wondering what was coming. Then I heard it, rushed footsteps were heading towards us. There were at least three people coming at us with the amount of noise they were making. They passed harmlessly, too intent on their mission to notice us hiding.

After they passed I stepped out from our hiding place and started walking. I heard Gwen and Grace following at a slower pace. I didn't know about them, but I wanted to get out of here soon. The door had to be close; the courtyard was still in view out of the windows.

"Alex, wait up." Grace called as I lead the way down another hall. I kept walking, guessing that the way out was coming up. I heard Grace huff in irritation, but she said no more.

My guess was proved correct as the hallway ended at the top of a staircase. I looked over the rail, noticing the front door. I turned around and smiled at Grace and Gwen as they came towards me.

"Found it." I smiled. Grace rolled her eyes and walked towards the rail.

"Ok, now are we sure no one is waiting for us down there?" she asked.

"Oh come on, I seriously doubt they're waiting for three freak escapees."

"Well…" she started. I gave her a look that didn't let her finish the sentence. She finally shrugged and walked down a few stairs.

"Well let's go then." She said, walking down a few more steps. I nodded, letting Gwen go before me.

Once we reached the bottom I headed towards the door, pleases to find them still open. I pushed Gwen out before me, worried she wasn't going to last much longer. After she was out, Grace followed, nodding at me once as she passed. I took one step out of the door once Grace was clear, when a voice sounded.

"Doctor, you leaving?" a male voice asked. Half my body was out so I just waved a hand towards the voices direction. "Could you lock that behind you?" I gave a thumbs up, hoping this guy wouldn't think about asking me any medical questions. Instead of walking towards me, which I thought he would do, the guy's footsteps turned and walked up the stairs. I couldn't help but to smirk in triumph. We had just escaped a hospital in the middle of the night, with locked doors and barred windows.

"Why are you so happy?" Grace whispered as I closed the door behind me.

"Just happy we made it out." I shrugged. Grace rolled her eyes and lead the way out of the courtyard.

"Which ways home?" Gwen asked when we got outside the hospital grounds.

"That way." Grace and I said and the same time, pointing in different directions.

"I know where my house is." I said, glaring at Grace.

"But do you know where the hospital is?" Grace snapped back.

"Well I say it's that way." Gwen said, pointing in a different direction then both of us.

"That's the road back to the movie theater." I said. Gwen glared at me, her eyes sparkling with tears.

"Is not."

"Oh good comeback."

"Its better then that one." Grace put in.

"Shut up." I snapped.

"Oh that was even better." Gwen said.

"Lets just walk." I said, stepping onto the road. The other two followed silently. After a few minutes I looked over at Gwen and saw that she was crying slightly.

"Oh Gwen." I said, hugging her. She sobbed and hugged me back. "I'm so sorry that you had to find out that way."

"I just wanna forget about it. In my mind, Mia died peacefully." Gwen said, trying to smile. I nodded and looked at where we were. We were standing at the edge of a forest, probably bordering the hospital grounds. I looked closer, realizing that it looked an awful like the one we had tried to walk through earlier that night.

"So where's home?" Grace asked.

"Well I think this road leads to our neighborhood, so probably that way." I said, pointing down the road.

"Or it could be that way. We could be backwards." Gwen suggested.

"Its not." Grace said.

"And you would know?" Gwen asked. Grace nodded.

"Guys, lets not fight." I said.

"Oh please, you're the reason we're fighting." Grace snapped.

"What? I didn't make you two disagree." I said, getting defensive.

"No, but you're the one who wanted to walk, it's your fault Mia is dead. She wanted to get a ride, but no, you said we just had to walk." Grace said.

"Well you didn't have to listen." I snapped, starting to cry.

"But we did." Gwen said. "We trusted you." I couldn't help it, I snapped. Before I knew what was happening Gwen screamed and I felt a hell of a lot shorter.

"She's... She's..." Gwen stuttered. I barked. Wait, barked? Gwen stepped back.

Oh no. You're not walking away from this fight, I thought. It came out as a series of growls. Both Gwen and Grace looked scared for their lives. I took a step towards them, making them both jump back. I tried to tell them not to be afraid, that it was still my brain, but it just game out as a mixture of barks and growls.

"Alex!" Gwen whined, sounding more scared than I ever thought possible for her. I tried a new tactic, whinnying like a puppy. Grace responded to this better. She stepped towards me, holding out her hand. I licked her hand, trying to get her to understand it was still me.

"Hey Alex, can you understand us?" Grace asked. "If you can, bark twice." I barked twice. "Sweet." She smiled. Gwen still looked scared.

"Gwen, its fine. Alex is still in control, not the dog." Grace said. Gwen sobbed pathetically, stretching out her hand. I licked it and wagged my tail. Gwen relaxed slightly and rubbed my ears.

"What are you?" she asked, calming down.

"Well she looks like the dogs that attacked us." Grace observed, walking around me. "But you look smaller than those two." Gwen came closer to me.

"You wont eat me will you?" she asked. I laughed. It came out as a series of short barks. "You're bigger than a dog. Bigger than a wolf actually, but you look like a wolf."

"You know what?" Grace said. "I know what you are." I looked up at her.

"You're thinking werewolf right?" Gwen asked. Grace nodded. I sighed, if these two thought I was a werewolf, then there was no hope. Unless…

"What other creature can become a man or wolf on command?" Grace asked.

"Well I don't know. But a werewolf, come on." Gwen said. Grace gave her a look that plainly said that Grace knew she was right.

Let me be honest with you here, I was freaking out. I mean its not every day you find out you're a werewolf. I laid down, trying to relax. I didn't know if I would always be in control or what, so I just let my mind relax, trying to stay in control. All of a sudden I felt a shudder go through me then Grace burst out laughing.

"Oh my god!" she laughed. "This is just like a movie!" I looked up at her, my hair falling in my face. Wait, my hair. I flexed my fingers in front of my face. I'm human again! I thought, and I'm cold. Why am I cold?

"Here you go." Gwen said, pulling off her stolen coat. She laid it over of me. I looked down and saw that that was all I was wearing, the remainder of my old clothes scattered about.

"Oh…" I said, pulling the coat on. I stood up, tying the waist.

"Nice." Grace laughed. "What was it like?"

"I don't know." I said, shivering. "Its cold out here. Come on, let's go home." I looked at Gwen whose mouth was hanging open.

"Come on Gwen, you're ok." I said, putting my arm around her. Gwen nodded and let me lead her down the road.

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