Like the Caged Bird

Trapped in this body,
Lost in this world.
I feel so out of place,
I want to go Home.

Like the caged bird,
I cannot soar.
So I stare up at the sky,
Filled with a great longing.

The world doesn't know
What I know.
The world doesn't understand
What I truly am.

I try to help them,
But they ignore me.
I try to warn them,
But they refuse to heed me.

Everyone is so blind,
They cannot see the signs.
They block everything out,
Trying to escape the truth.

I want to save them,
I want to help.
I try so hard,
But it's all in vain.

There's nothing I cand do,
So I'll keep weeping.
I'll keep trying,
Even if they won't see.